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Google Search app for Android updated with improved Google Now functionality

The Android version of the Google Search application has been updated and improves upon the Google Now functionality on Jelly Bean devices. There are some new cards that provide you with even more information. For example, Google Now will tell you about events nearby your location or provide suggestions to help with your research (not sure how this works).

There are some functionalities that have been borrowed from iOS, such as the Passbook like ability to automatically pull up boarding passes from your Gmail to be scanned when you reach the airport and the Siri like ability to post status messages on Google+ using just your voice.

Google Now will also tell you the weather of your destination if you’re heading somewhere, approximate monthly summary of walking and biking activity, birthdays and the ability to search by camera while at museums or shops.

Lastly, you can also use your voice to find out what song is playing (“What’s this song?”) and scan a barcode to find product information (“Scan a barcode”).

The new updated Google Search app for Android can be downloaded from here.



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