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Google releases completely revamped v2.0 of Gmail app for iOS

The previous Gmail app for iOS is the most famous Google-made app for iOS, but for all the wrong reasons. Although a lot of people did use it because it included support for push mail that the native iOS client lacks for Gmail, it was nothing more than a wrapper for the mobile web version of the service, which rubbed people the wrong way.

Enter v2.0. Google has revamped the Gmail client for iOS, which has reportedly been in works since the past six months. The new client looks nothing like the old one and is more in line with other recent iOS apps released by Google, such as Google+, Google Search, Google Drive and YouTube. Gone is the web-UI like design of the previous version, replaced by a clean, minimalist and spacious design.

Other than the UI, the new app also has a couple of other new features. You finally get the ability to use multiple accounts within the app and now you can get search predictions as you type.

As before, the Gmail app is completely free for download. You can either update the app if you have the previous version installed or click here to download it.



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