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Microsoft pokes fun at itself while poking fun at those who blindly hate IE

IE6 sucked. We all know that. But the good thing is so does Microsoft and the company has been doing a lot since the past couple of years to make people switch over to the newer versions, which have been a significant improvement, and trying to repair the tarnished image of the browser in the eyes of the internet users.

But there are people who don’t want to let Microsoft repair that image. IE has become a laughing stock of the internet to the point where it’s now a meme. You will often hear people saying how the browser sucks and how they use it only to download other browsers. And while the browser did suck in the past, the new one does not (not as much anyway). And Microsoft wants you to know that.

So to hammer down that point, Microsoft launched the website The Browser You Loved To Hate earlier this year, where they openly admitted that IE6 sucked but the new one does not and that you should at least give it a try before deriding it on the internet. The latest video in that campaign is of a guy who goes around on the internet typing ‘IE SUCKS’ at every chance he gets even when faced against the facts that it does not anymore. Eventually he sees something he likes, which makes him think differently.

Microsoft message is simple. The browser has progressed and so should you. And that you should give something a chance before ignorantly making fun of it. Maybe you’ll see something you like.



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