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A desktop AMD FX CPU wins the Guiness overclocking world record, hits a staggering 8.429GHz [VIDEO]

We as a race have always had a fascination with speed, making faster cars with better aerodynamics, pushing the global network faster and faster with fiber optic broadband and for power users, a PC needs a lightning fast brain to deal with those heavy duty tasks.

holy cow!

But what about trying to squeeze the greatest clock speed you can out of a stock CPU, just for the sake of it. That’s exactly what AMD set out to do to show off their latest Bulldozer-based FX chips and so they brought in the best they knew from the overclocking community to attempt a world record. Using a desktop PC with a new 8-core AMD FX chip, the team managed to push the clock speed to 8.429GHz, with a little help from some liquid nitrogen and helium cooling of course, but this smashed the previous record of 8.30GHz and propelled AMD to the top spot, winning the Guiness World Record title.

So Intel, are you scared yet?

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