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Canon patents touchscreen DSLR with sweep gestures, puzzles us

We have a feeling the photo community won’t be exactly thrilled about this but here it goes. Canon has just filled a patent for a touchscreen DSLR that would allow changing the aperture and the shutter speed by finger sweeps across the screen.

There are many other features described in the patent that would also be touch controlled such as metering, exposure compensation etc. but there is no saying of the exact nature of the gestures that would be used.

Now we are pretty certain that the Sony touch-driven T-series ultra compact cameras go perfectly well with a touchscreen, but a DSLR? Hm, we somehow cannot see it as the future of DSLR photography. Then again it might be just us getting old.

How about you? Any takes of a touchscreen-enabled Canon EOS 1Ds Mark IV?



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