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Getting around the HDTV mumbo-jumbo

Now do you go for LCD or plasma? For 720p or 1080p? For 60Hz or 600Hz? And how do you know when more is not necessarily better? Oh, and I’ve got an even more serious one for you – what’s the best technology your money can buy right now – OLED, LED or LED-backlit TVs?

HDTV’s have been around for quite some time now – so much that they’ve successfully replaced the older CRT variety on floor stands quite successfully. Unfortunately, few of their ground-breaking features actually make sense to the general public. I myself have been involved in advising numerous HDTV buys so I know that personally. That’s the reason why a good primer on HDTV technologies and features such as the one below didn’t escape my attention.

I really suggest you check it out if you’re in for some HDTV shopping this holiday season.

Gizmodo’s Giz Explains: The Ultimate HDTV Cheat Sheet and Buying Guides

P.S. Oh, and the personal make-or-break feature from me – viewing angles. Check those viewing angles – especially from the top (if you’re putting the HDTV in your living room) and from the bottom (if it’s headed to your bedroom).


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