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Mac OS X 10.6.3 update is now available, proceed with caution

A new update for Mac OS is now available and all Leopard users are welcomed to download it. The latest patch fixes lots of bugs, compatibility, stability and reliability issues, betters the performance and brings some new improvements over the OS functionality.

The most notable changes include fixed issues, reliability or compatibility with OpenGL apps, QuickTime X, the wireless connections, sleep/wake process and the added Data Collection services.

The last one is the same as the one in Windows – the OS collects diagnostic and usage information and sends it anonymously to Apple for analysis. This will help for improving the OS and fixing some further bugs and issues.

Strangely, there are many people complaining of strange or inadequate system behavior after upgrading to 10.6.3. They noticed some graphic glitches, frozen screens, system hangings and lower overall performance.

There are some reports of limitation on the hard drive controller – reportedly it’s been clocked down to 1.5Gbps after the system update. This isn’t confirmed for now, but the “hackintosh” users must be careful with this one.

Here is the full changelog according to Apple.

If some of you have already updated their (i)Mac(Book)s, please share with us your impressions.



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