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Now you can send files in iGoogle and orkut chat right from your browser

What’s the easiest way to send a file to someone? Launch whatever IM client you both use and send it. And now, you can do that with the iGoogle and orkut chat right from your browser…

Transferring a file is dead simple – click Actions, select Send a file and that’s it. All kinds of files are supported – documents, photos and others. This works for the chat in iGoogle and orkut, and also if the other person is using the desktop Google Talk app.

It doesn’t work in Gmail (yet) however. The Google team are working on adding support for this feature in Google’s popular mail service, but it works right now in their personalized homepage, iGoogle, and orkut (which, for those of you outside of Brazil and India, is Google’s social network).

The chat UI also got a quick tweak – now the voice and video chat options are more easily accessible. You still need a plug-in for those to work, but I hear HTML5 will eventually give pages access to the webcam and microphone without extra plug-ins.



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