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Amazon announces Amazon Coins, a new virtual currency for purchasing apps and games on Kindle Fire

Amazon has announced Amazon Coins for Kindle Fire owners, which will provide them a new way to purchase apps, games and in-app content on their devices.

Amazon says it will give customers tens of millions of dollars’ worth of Amazon Coins to spend on the Amazon Appstore, which in turn will help generate more revenue for the developers. The new currency will be available starting April 25 and developers need to submit and get their apps before then.

No more details have been provided at this point. Personally, this whole system feels pointless to me. Why is there a need to come up with a new currency when there is already one in place? What’s the point of paying real money to get fake money and then spending that on your apps and games instead of directly using the real money the way we always have? Only Amazon knows the answer to that. Or anybody else who has tried selling you “points” in exchange for real money.



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