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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and 2 10.1 source codes released

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With all the Galaxy S III hullabaloo, it’s hard to catch up on other Samsung news, such as the fact that the company released the source codes for its latest slates – the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

While the source codes are of little use to most of you, they should help custom ROM developers, enabling them to optimize their builds. Read more »

Opera Mini browser lands on Bada

by 25 comments

Opera Mini is among the more popular browsers out there for mobile phones and it’s now become available on yet another platform. The free web browser alternative has now hit the official Bada app repository – Samsung Apps.

It’s supposed to be compatible will all Bada devices, running version 2.0 or later of the OS. Read more »

Meizu MX quad-core posts amazing benchmark result, beats the Samsung Galaxy S III

by 155 comments

After yesterday’s official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the impressive benchmark results it achieved, you might’ve assumed it is the most powerful Android phone around. However, a new contestant for the title just emerged in the face of Meizu MX quad-core.

Sporting exactly the same Exynos 4 Quad chipset as the new Samsung flagship, the latest Meizu MX scored 12,140 at AnTuTu, beating the Galaxy S III with its 11,878 and thrashing the Tegra 3 version of the HTC One X, which managed to score just 9,989. Read more »

See the Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III in 3D

by 89 comments

If you don’t feel like waiting a few more weeks for us to get the Galaxy S III in our office and do one of our live 360-degree spins, this is the right place for you.

The guys over at 3D-desk make 360-degree views of most popular phones and they were particularly quick with the Galaxy S III. The beast was announced just yesterday, but its 3D model is already available on their website for your perusal. Of course, we got it here as well, embedded for easy access. Read more »

HTC EVO 3D official ICS ROM leaks, you can try it right now

by 13 comments

A while ago HTC announced the EVO 3D was going to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but the Taiwanese company is yet to provide the details on when exactly the the update will come.

The date might be close though, as an official EVO 3D ICS ROM just leaked. If you have the CDMA version of the device and you are feeling adventurous, you can go ahead and install it right now. Read more »

Apple gives credit where it’s due – acknowledges Open Street Maps in iPhoto

by 5 comments

Back when Apple released its iPhoto app with the arrival of the new iPad some people noted that the company was using map data that doesn’t look Googlish in origin.

Some digging in the matter revealed that Apple (who back then claimed they were using Gmaps) is using Open Street Maps with a custom overlay on top. Now we see an acknowledgement to OSM in the latest iPhoto version. Read more »

The new iPad 2,4 with a 32nm A5 chipset offers noticeably better battery life

by 12 comments

You may or may not have already heard that Apple has geared its previous generation iPad – the iPad 2 – with a new processor. The chipset is still the same but the new core processor inside is built on the 32nm technology rather than the 45nm the original iPad 2 used. This isn’t news – it was uncovered a while ago along with the discovery that the new Apple TV uses such chips too.

What’s interesting however, is that today we saw one of the first reviews of this updated product and by the looks of it, the new chip manufacturing technology makes a special difference in the power efficiency department. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GPU benchmark suggests a quad-core upgrade

by 6 comments

Remember those rumors about quad-core upgrades of the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1? Well, Samsung denied the upgrade on the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and we already reviewed the retail unit. But so far we’ve heard no official statements about the yet-to-be-released Galaxy Note 10.1? Is Samsung taking a last-minute U-turn by pushing quad-core chipsets in them Notes?

Well, this might be just the case, according to a recently submitted NenaMark result. Read more »

iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1 gets untethered jailbreak

by 9 comments

Good news for iPhone 4 users who were either running an older version of iOS for the jailbreak or running iOS 5.1 but were waiting for a proper untethered jailbreak.

iOS security researcher pod2g tweeted today that his iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1 is now running untethered. Read more »

Here is a quick look at some of the Samsung Galaxy S III accessories

by 18 comments

In a manner befitting for a flagship, the freshly announced Samsung Galaxy S III will storm the market with a serious entourage of original accessories. They range from a flipcase, all the way to a wireless streaming dongle. Here’s a quick look at some of them.

We will begin with the S-Pebble MP3 Player. Read more »

Samsung to place Pin pop-up stores around the world for experiencing the Galaxy S III

by 16 comments

Samsung had a special announcement to make at the very end of the Galaxy S III launch event yesterday. The company announced a special variety of pop-up stores called Pin stores exclusively for the Galaxy S III.

The Pin stores have a very Apple Store like glass walls and being pop-up stores are not as big as regular stores since they are designed to be moved around. Customers will be able to purchase the Galaxy S III here with or without a contract but the main focus will be on letting the customers experience the device, unlike most other stores where you walk in and just purchase the phone. Read more »

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III hands-on and S Beam demo videos are here

by 101 comments

After we were done shooting the Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III from every possible angle, testing its chipset’s computing prowess and examining its HD screen, we finally found time to capture a couple of videos of the newly announced smartphone.

After all, synthetic benchmarks do not necessarily reflect real life performance, so we thought you might want to see how smooth the Galaxy S III actually is. We took a brief tour around its user interface and we tested its NFC-based S Beam feature. Read more »

We take a closer look of at the Samsung Galaxy S III PenTile matrix display

by 37 comments

One of the big mysteries ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S III announcement was about its screen – will Samsung use a SuperAMOLED HD display similar to the one on the Galaxy Nexus or go the SuperAMOLED Plus route like the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

We got close enough to the S III to snap a macro shot, which quickly revealed that Samsung has chosen a PenTile matrix for its flagship droid. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III gets Flipboard exclusivity on Android, 50GB from Dropbox

by 13 comments

The Samsung Galaxy S III not only launched with some impressive software features by Samsung, but it also comes with a couple of interesting third party offerings. Flipboard, a popular social-network aggregation app, is launching for Android exclusively on the S III (it will come to other devices later). The other feat is a roomy free online storage from Dropbox.

Flipboard rose to popularity as an iOS app, but S III owners will be the first droid users to enjoy the magazine-like format for social media and RSS feeds. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III stands up to the non-Android competition – the Apple iPhone 4S and Nokia Lumia 900

by 119 comments

The Galaxy S III is officially announced and Samsung are throwing down the gauntlet to everyone willing to go step up to the plate. Naturally, the challenge is accepted by Apple and Nokia with their flagship smartphones – the iPhone 4S and the Lumia 900.

So, the game is on. All bets are off and it’s everyone for themselves. But enough idioms, let’s take a look at whether Samsung can blow the fish out of the water with the Galaxy S III (ok, there was one more idiom). Read more »