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Nokia N9 PR1.2 new features detailed

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The new update to MeeGo on the N9 has been available since last week, and now we have some details on what exactly has been added.

The most notable is the introduction of the Google Talk Video Call app, which is the first app to take advantage of the N9′s front-facing camera for video. Read more »

Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 15-inch ultrabook announced along with three V3 Series laptops

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CeBIT is underway and Acer just unveiled a new ultrabook – the Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 – along with three laptops for non-ultra users – the Aspire V3 Series. The M3 is a 15″ ultrabook and features an un-ultrabookish DVD drive. The V3 Series on the other hand come in 14″, 15.6″ and 17.3″.

The Timeline Ultra M3 measures just 20mm thick (not bad for 15″) and is made of an aluminum alloy. In the fairly thin package you get enough room for a HDD+SSD combo. You can go SSD-only if you want. Read more »

The Apple AppStore is having a wee bit of a hiccup all day

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Your payment method is not valid in this Store. Frustrating, isn’t it? This is the error AppStore users around the world are getting when trying to buy an app and they are requested a verification on the credit card.

Furthermore, users who need to change their payment method can’t do it and then can’t go back to the old one. Read more »

Angry Birds Seasons getting a new Cherry Blossom update

by 5 comments

Angry Birds Seasons is going to get a new themed update this week – Cherry Blossom.

There are no video teasers, just this Facebook picture for now. Read more »

Nokia N9 gets rooted with the just-released Inception tool

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The MeeGo-running Nokia N9 is much beloved by its owners, but it seems that it wasn’t quite the Linux-powered phone that some hoped it would be. Those people like to pick and choose their software components (including stuff like kernel modules) and now they can.

They can use the newly released tool – called Inception – to root their N9 and disable the Aegis security system. Here’s what you can do after using Inception that you can’t do with an un-rooted Nokia N9: Read more »

Diablo III release date surfaces – mark April 17 on your calendars

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Blizzard certainly took its sweet time developing the next title in the Diablo series and, honestly, we don’t think you can blame the company. After the immense success that was the Diablo II, it would take an incredibly good game to build on it and those can’t be created overnight.

And here comes the exciting news – all the coding is nearing completion and we are just over a month away from the announcement we’ve all been waiting for. According to a tip from Activision Italy, Diablo III will be hitting the shelves on April 17. Read more »

Assassin’s Creed III trailer gets outed by Ubisoft

by 15 comments

The trailer of the latest Assassin’s Creed installment has gone live, folks. Ubisoft call the game the largest project in the company’s history with three years of development gone into it, as well as collaboration with six other studios.

Assassin’s Creed III features an all new game engine, which delivers stunning graphics and artificial intelligence. Read more »

Samsung says the iPad Mini is coming in time for Christmas, display suppliers named

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iPad rumors keep flying in. This time, it is not about the soon-to-be-unveiled iPad 3, but for its alleged little brother, the iPad Mini. And the topic is brought back to life by no other, but Samsung themselves.

Yes, Apple’s bitterest enemy has spilled the beans about a 7-inch iPad Mini, which is planned to top the sales charts this Christmas. Read more »

Sony NXT in detail: Interview with Nikolaus Scheurer

by 37 comments

We have caught up with Nikolaus Scheurer, Sony Mobile’s Director of Marketing and Planning, for an interview on the new Xperia NXT series from Sony.

In case you’re not familiar with the new Xperia phones revealed at MWC, check out our news post here. Read more »

Opera loses title of King of Mobile Browsers according to StatCounter

by 22 comments

Opera has long held the top spot in mobile browsers and is still highly popular (especially Mini, which is the browser of choice in developing countries). According to StatCounter its reign has come to an end, with the two popular smartphone OSes battling for first spot.

StatCounter has Android’s browser on top, but they treat iPhone and iPod as separate. Add them up and Mobile Safari climbs on top. Read more »

Halo 4 new details, Mass Effect 3 launch trailer live

by 6 comments

Halo fans rejoice! The developer 343 Industries revealed more spicy details on the upcoming sequel of the highly anticipated Halo series.

As you should know, Bungie is no longer behind the Halo games. Instead, the 343 Industries studio has the responsibility to give the Halo universe a second life. It already has one Halo project – Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary – the remastered version of the first Halo game. Read more »

Rumored Google Nexus tablet said to compete with $199 Kindle and Nook

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Here’s what Android tablet manufacturers are starting to grasp: prices drive sales. The cheaper your product is, the bigger its chance to sell well. After Amazon and Barnes and Noble launched their $199 Android slates into the tablet space, ASUS demonstrated that they can pull off the same trick with the 7-inch, $249 quad-core Tegra 3 MeMO.

According to Google executives, quite impressed by ASUS’ achievement, there are ongoing talks with the company about building the first Nexus tablet. Read more »

iPad 3? Is that You? [VIDEO]

by 45 comments

The iPad 3 puzzle that irritates some as much as tickles the interests of others is starting to finally come to an end.

The folks over at M.I.C Gadget claim they’ve obtained some of the structural parts of the iPad 3. Namely, most of the exterior like the front glass panel, the aluminum back cover and cables for the dock connector and volume rocker. Read more »

Samsung releases the dual-core Galaxy Player 70 Plus for the South Korean market

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Following the announcement of the Galaxy WiFi 4.2 at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung is now starting to roll out the a dual-core version of it, dubbed the Galaxy Player 70. And no, it’s not a 7-incher.

For now, the device is only available for Samsung’s domestic market in South Korea, with a wider release highly probable . Read more »

This is how you eliminate headphone cable tangling

by 9 comments

If you’re fed up with tangled headphone cables and such (and really, who isn’t?), a new concept found over at Quirky takes some of the annoyance out of lugging your cables around.

The headphone cable comes with a varying thickness at certain increments, creating several fold points along its length. Read more »