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BlackBerry PlayBook to get another price cut, $199 will make it yours

by 17 comments

Tablets are what everyone wants for Christmas and several millions are bound to fly off the shelves in the following month and a half. RIM obviously wants to make sure that their PlayBook will get a proper share of the fun and is even willing to cut down on its profits to achieve it.

The Canadian company just announced that its PlayBook slate will be available for $199 for a limited time in selected US and Canada retailers. That’s certainly makes the PlayBook one of the bargains of the season, even if you consider the limited number of apps available for the QNX-based platform. Read more »

Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S II having GPS issues?

by 69 comments

We thought Samsung left the GPS issues behind after they replaced the original Galaxy S as their flagship device, but it turns out that the Galaxy S II has some issues with its GPS connectivity, too. It appears that the units distributed by Vodafone have a faulty GPS configuration file, which prevents them from acquiring satellite lock quickly.

There are several lengthy threads in the Vodafone support forums dedicated to the issue, but the carrier is still unable to come up with a solution. Even the Android 2.3.5 update, which was released just a few weeks ago didn’t address the faulty file. Read more »

Galaxy Tab 10.1N gets unboxed, previewed, benchmarked, compared and very nearly reviewed on video

by 21 comments

Samsung’s Made for Germany Galaxy Tab 10.1N will soon be hitting the German shelves. But before that we have a video for you of the device getting a thorough rundown in a typical Teutonic fashion.

In the video below by, we can see the new Galaxy Tab 10.1N first getting unboxed. After spending some time explaining the new design the video moves on to the software and the performance of the device in gaming and web browsing. From there it moves on to benchmarking and finally end it with a comparison with rival tablets. Read more »

How to get the new-look YouTube before the official rollout

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It seems Google has been quietly working on a new look for YouTube. No, not Cosmic Panda; this is even newer. And before they release it officially to everyone, they want to give you a sneak peak at it. Unfortunately, this time, it isn’t as easy as clicking on a link to get the new UI but it isn’t complicated either.

So this is what you have to do. First of all, this only works best on Chrome and Firefox. On IE9 it goes back to the old look after a browser restart and on Safari and Opera it does not seem to work at all. The following are the steps to get it working on your browser. Read more »

Samsung Captivate Glide is here, we get our thumbs ready [VIDEO]

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A hardware QWERTY device is probably the last missing piece from Samsung’s impressive, dual-core Android lineup in the United States. Today, we have the Samsung Captivate Glide for AT&T on out hands. With a slide-out QWERTY on board, the smartphone should be the answer to the prayers of quite a few users out there.

In terms of specs, the Captivate Glide Read more »

Nikon D800 image leaks, said to have a 36 megapixel sensor

by 43 comments

Three years after the Nikon D700 was launched, it seems Nikon is finally going to launch a successor. What you see below is supposedly the upcoming Nikon D800, leaked by the folks at Nikon Rumors.

According to the purported specifications, the D800 will have a 36 megapixel sensor. That is 7,360 x 4,912 and thrice the resolution of the D700′s 12.1 megapixel sensor. This comes across as a rather strange move as I thought we had finally gone past the megapixel craze and were concentrating more on the low-light performance, something high resolution sensors are not very good at (unless they are appropriately large in physical size). Read more »

Google Music ‘About’ page is badass, works only in Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 [UPDATE: Works on other browsers too]

by 34 comments

If you thought Google does not make enough cool looking stuff, you are in for a surprise. I recently stumbled upon The ‘About’ page for Google Music and not only do I think it is the best page Google ever made it is probably one of the coolest web pages out there on the Internet.

When you open the page, you will need to give it some time to load, which could take a while depending upon your Internet connection speed. After that you will see tabs at the bottom for the various features of Google Music. Hovering over them makes a sound that goes down in octave from left to right. But the real fun starts when you click on one of them. Read more »

Steve Wozniak gets a Galaxy Nexus from Google, and an Ice Cream Sandwich T-Shirt to go with it

by 61 comments

Well, it seems the first person in the US to get a Galaxy Nexus is none other than Apple co-founder, Steve “Woz” Wozniak. As strange as that may sound, that’s exactly what’s happened at Google’s campus in Mountain View, California.

What happened is this; Woz tweeted that he was looking to get a Galaxy Nexus but as you may know it isn’t currently available in the US. After that he probably got an invite from Google to come over to their campus, where he was given a shiny new Galaxy Nexus and an Ice Cream Sandwich T-shirt. Read more »

Our Samsung Galaxy S II battery life test is complete, check out how it did [TEST]

by 221 comments

True, you have seen us put the Samsung Galaxy S II battery thought its paces before, but we thought you might be interested to see how it does over our new testing course. So here goes the Samsung Galaxy S II battery life test, revisited.

The Android smartphone comes with a 1650 mAh battery and a pretty large 4.3″ screen. Judging by those specs alone, we probably shouldn’t expect the Galaxy S II to top our charts, but the power-efficient Super AMOLED Plus might help it put in a decent performance. Plus, its latest Android update is said to improve battery performance, so who knows. Read more »

BlackBerry PlayBook hacked to run classic DOS games, Windows 3.11 just for the fun of it

by 13 comments

Yeah, the BlackBerry PlayBook can run Android apps, big deal – can it run DOS apps though? The answer is yes, yes it can – Prince of Persia, Wolfenstein 3D, Lion King and even Windows 3.11 all run on the PlayBook thanks to the efforts of self professed (ab)users over at the CrackBerry forums.

Running DOS on a device is like asking “Will it blend?” – it seems like a pointless ordeal but curiosity gets the best of you and you watch the video. Come after the jump, you know you want to look. Read more »

The Making of Lumia 800 – baby steps in the Nokia factory

by 21 comments

If you just bought a Nokia Lumia 800, you might want to check this one out. The Finnish company released a series of photos depicting the different stages of the making of the smartphone.

The photo story isn’t focusing so much on the process of adding the different bits and pieces together to create a smartphone, but more on what happens next. There are some cool photos of white glove-wearing Nokia employees who put the assembled Lumia 800 through a few tests to make sure everything’s working fine. Read more »

FXI squeezes a dual-core chipset into a USB stick, lets you turn any monitor into an Android device

by 46 comments

What you see here is one of the coolest USB sticks we’ve ever come across. Called Cotton Candy, it carries a fully functional chipset running the Android operating system inside it. All it needs is a USB cable to draw power and an HDMI cable to connect to a screen of some sort.

Thanks to this creation of the Norwegians from FXI technologies, you can turn any available screen into an Android device. Your TV and computer monitor can grow brains of their own with this stick. Read more »

First Galaxy Nexus buyer accidentally gets a developer device, gets it promptly replaced

by 45 comments

The first ever buyer of the first every official Ice Cream Sandwich phone was a certain Alex Ioannou in the UK. He seemed rather happy with his purchase in the picture that was tweeted from Samsung UK’s Twitter account.

Unfortunately for him, his happiness was short lived because when he switched on his new Galaxy Nexus, he discovered he had gotten something that he hadn’t really paid for. Read more »

HTC Quattro tablet image leaks, packs in quad-core Tegra 3 hardware

by 28 comments

Looking at all the leaks that come out of HTC, whoever is in charge of keeping secrets there is obviously doing a very poor job. The latest leak is the upcoming tablet from HTC called the HTC Quattro. It’s a 10.1-inch tablet and will have the new quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. This is probably the same tablet we heard about a few days back.

The device will be running Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box and have 16GB internal memory, 1GB of RAM, 8 megapixel camera, Beats audio and will come in 3G and Wi-Fi editions. The tablet is said to be only 9mm thick but there are already thinner tablets out on the market. Read more »

Google releases a whole bunch of Galaxy Nexus videos, shows of all the cool new features

by 34 comments

Unlike the last time when the Nexus S was announced, Google released just one video so far for the Galaxy Nexus. But now that the phone has launched in the UK, we’re suddenly seeing a whole bunch of videos dropping in on YouTube on the Google Nexus account.

These videos cover a large portion of the phones features, from the new Android Beam, to the Panorama mode, Face Unlock, etc. There is also a new ad, which for once, shows actual people doing normal things with their phone instead of robots doing some weird things. To watch all of these videos, click more. Read more »