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Nokia N9 about to get Flash-capable Firefox browser

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The Talk Maemo forum is buzzing with news that the Nokia N9 will be getting Firefox browser and, even better, it will be Flash certified. Apparently, Flash will be enabled only in Firefox, not in the default browser or the new Opera Mobile.

It’s a bit of a weird this situation – the Nokia N900 had full Flash support, while the N9 didn’t. Mozilla’s mobile Firefox browser doesn’t support Flash on its other platforms either. Read more »

Chrome 17 prerenders the pages as you type, screens your files before downloading

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Following the launch of Chrome Beta for Android, Google has updated its desktop browser to v17 (17.0.963.46, to be precise). Among the new features over the previous stable version include the ability to prerender pages to speed up your browsing. Now, when you type a URL in the Omnibox, Chrome will automatically start prerendering the website it thinks you are mostly likely to open, which means when you hit Enter, chances are the page will open instantaneously.

Another new feature is the ability to check files to see if they’re malicious. When you download an executable file, such as .exe or .msi, Chrome will try to match the file with its online database to see if it is genuine. Read more »

Google Chrome beta for Android review [HANDS-ON]

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Google Chrome. Google’s web browser didn’t waste any time in becoming a hit on desktop PCs and in a matter of just a few years placed second in the browser rankings. That’s crazy even for Google, but they pulled it off.

With the release of Google Chrome beta for Android, the search engine giant will attempt to redo the browser’s success but this time on mobile.

But as you know – mobile isn’t the same as desktop. And now we are going to take a deeper look at Google Chrome beta for Android and see if the Chrome team has pushed the right buttons to shoot the browser in the right direction. The path to Android’s new default browser that is. Read more »

Google launches Chrome for Android beta – the browser you have all been looking for

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Google just unveiled the Android-ready version of its Chrome web browser and made this a huge day for the Chrome users, who have a smartphone of the droid variety. The app is still in beta, but it already looks like one of the best browsers on the platform (and as you know there’s no shortage of quality web browsers on Android).

With great performance and simplified user interface, the Chrome browser for Android [Check our review] still has plenty of eye-candy to offer. It lets you sync just about anything between your desktop browser and your smartphone/tablet – from bookmarks to current browsing session, so you can continue on your smart device exactly where you left off on your computer. Read more »

Firefox 10 now available for download, not fully official just yet

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Eager to get the latest and greatest browser of the Mozilla Foundation? Well you’ve got your chance now as the company has made Firefox 10 available for download.

Bringing a few UI changes and some nice performance tweaks, Firefox 10 is still unavailable for an automatic update, but you can download it manually. Read more »

Cut the Rope comes to Internet Explorer 9

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The hit mobile game Cut the Rope has now landed on your desktop browser. The game developers have partnered with Microsoft to release the game for their Internet Explorer 9 browser. Having said that, the game works just fine on other browsers too.

This version of the game seems to be identical to the one that we saw for Windows 8. It uses a landscape layout unlike the mobile versions. Right now, you only have 25 levels available, with the last seven only available if you pin the game through IE9 to your Windows 7 taskbar. Additional levels are expected to arrive soon. Read more »

Google pays Mozilla close to a billion dollars to stay the default search engine in Firefox

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There is a good reason why companies like Mozilla can give away their software for free. That’s because they get a lot from search engine providers to include their search engines inside the browser. So far Google has been the default search engine in Firefox and now they have signed another three-year contract with Mozilla to keep their position at the top of the search box.

This time however, they are paying a lot more to Mozilla than they did last time, almost three times as much. Google will be paying around $300 million per year for three years, which is close to a billion dollars. So how did Google suddenly become so generous? The reason is Microsoft. Read more »

Firefox for Android gets updated to version 9, focuses on improving the tablet experience

by 4 comments

Firefox on Android may not have had the same success as its desktop counterpart but Mozilla has not given up hope and so right after Firefox 9 for the desktop computers came out they have released Firefox 9 for Android.

The main focus of this update is improving the UI experience on Android tablets. The browser now shows all the open tabs on the left side of the screen after you drag it out as large thumbnails. To make efficient use of display space, the thumbnail view switches to a simple drop down list for tabs when you switch to portrait mode and the browser goes full-screen. Read more »

Mozilla give us some fun facts regarding their much loved browser during 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Mozilla’s popular Firefox browser has sat at the top of the rankings since 2009, beating off the likes of veteran browser Internet Explorer and relative (2008) newcomer, Google Chrome.

Mozilla Infographic top

Over the course of 2011, we’ve seen Mozilla push new features and extend the Firefox family with the likes of Firefox for Android and their development channel Firefox Aurora, but let them team show just what they got up to across the last 12 months. Read more »

How to get the new-look YouTube before the official rollout

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It seems Google has been quietly working on a new look for YouTube. No, not Cosmic Panda; this is even newer. And before they release it officially to everyone, they want to give you a sneak peak at it. Unfortunately, this time, it isn’t as easy as clicking on a link to get the new UI but it isn’t complicated either.

So this is what you have to do. First of all, this only works best on Chrome and Firefox. On IE9 it goes back to the old look after a browser restart and on Safari and Opera it does not seem to work at all. The following are the steps to get it working on your browser. Read more »

Firefox 8 now available for download, brings nothing significant to the table, again

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It was fun in the beginning but now reporting a new version of Firefox has become as mundane as telling the time. Just a few weeks after Firefox 7 came out Mozilla has now released Firefox 8.

But this isn’t an official release yet. The official launch is slated for November 8 but keeping with their tradition Mozilla has provided the Firefox release on their FTP servers a couple of days before. Read more »

Google+ gets tighter YouTube integration, plays nicer with Chrome and Internet Explorer

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Google is continuing to add new features to its Google+ social network as it tries to upset the Facebook dominance in the online social service realm. The search giant just announced that it’s improving the Google+ integration of two of its other popular products – the YouTube video sharing service and the Chrome browser.

You’ll notice a new YouTube button at the top right of your Google+ page. Once you move your mouse over it a search field will pop up and you can look for a video to play. The video itself plays in a pop-up window, but you get the controls for it right on the Google+ page so you don’t need to switch tabs all the time. Read more »

Microsoft announces Firefox with Bing, sets homepage and default search engine to Bing (duh)

by 72 comments

Microsoft has announced a special version of the popular Firefox browser that comes with the Bing search engine. As you might guess, this version of Firefox changes the default search engine and homepage from Google to Bing.

For Mozilla, this will serve as another form of revenue. For Microsoft, this move will help boost the user base for Bing. With two of the world’s most popular web browsers using Bing as their default search engines, this could help accelerate Microsoft’s plans to take over Google as the most popular search engine. Read more »

Chrome Web Store gets a facelift, looks even better than before

by 14 comments

Just like the Android Market a few months back, Google has updated the Chrome Web Store with a new design that mirrors the square shapes of the new Android Market.

The new look Chrome Web Store looks radically different from its predecessor and I must say is incredibly attractive. And it’s not just a fancy design as well but also very functional. For example, you can mouseover an app and it will quickly shows a description and a download button, which instantly starts the download without opening another page. Read more »