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Google+ gets tighter YouTube integration, plays nicer with Chrome and Internet Explorer

Google is continuing to add new features to its Google+ social network as it tries to upset the Facebook dominance in the online social service realm. The search giant just announced that it’s improving the Google+ integration of two of its other popular products – the YouTube video sharing service and the Chrome browser.

You’ll notice a new YouTube button at the top right of your Google+ page. Once you move your mouse over it a search field will pop up and you can look for a video to play. The video itself plays in a pop-up window, but you get the controls for it right on the Google+ page so you don’t need to switch tabs all the time.

As for the Chrome part, there are now two new extensions to the Chrome browser. You get the +1 button extension, which lets you +1 any page you are browsing and easily share it with your circles. There’s also the Notifications extension, which lets you check your Google+ notifications from anywhere on the web.

For those of you that are on Internet Explorer, Google will be updating the Google toolbar so it gets the same functionality. Strangely enough, the second most popular browser Firefox has seen no love from the Google dev team this time.

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