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How to get the new-look YouTube before the official rollout

It seems Google has been quietly working on a new look for YouTube. No, not Cosmic Panda; this is even newer. And before they release it officially to everyone, they want to give you a sneak peak at it. Unfortunately, this time, it isn’t as easy as clicking on a link to get the new UI but it isn’t complicated either.

So this is what you have to do. First of all, this only works best on Chrome and Firefox. On IE9 it goes back to the old look after a browser restart and on Safari and Opera it does not seem to work at all. The following are the steps to get it working on your browser.

1. Go to YouTube

2.1. In Chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+J or right click on page and select ‘Inspect element’ and click on the Console tab

2.2. In Firefox, press Ctrl+Shift+K or go to the menu on top > Web developer > Web console

2.3. In Internet Explorer 9, press F12 and click on Console tab

3. Copy-paste the following in the console:


4. Hit Enter and reload the page. You will have the new look. As mentioned before, this is temporary in IE9 and it reverts back to the old look on browser restart. I tried doing it in Safari and Opera but the code does not work on those browsers.

In case you have to revert back to the old look, follow the aforementioned steps and instead execute the following code:


Hit Enter and refresh the page. You will be back to the old UI.



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