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Nokia Maps and Bing Maps unify their map design

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The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft developed even deeper roots today. As of now, Nokia Maps and Bing Maps have a unified maps design.

The goal is to offer users more simplified design that is easy on the eye and will help them better navigate by removing unnecessary clutter from the maps themselves. Read more »

Corning Gorilla Glass 2 officially shipping in devices this April-May

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According to Corning, its second generation of ultra tough screen glass, dubbed simply Gorilla Glass 2, will start to appear on devices in April or May the latest.

The first shipments have been sent out to the company’s partners, they added. We saw the Gorilla Glass 2 in action back at CES 2011 and we are looking forward to seeing it on actual retail devices. Read more »

Google brings the Android pins back to MWC

by 45 comments

Last year, Google released a very special limited edition Android pins at the Mobile World Congress and this year they are bringing them back.

Refreshed and ready to be collected, there are 90 of them representing the different Android users. They are extremely fun and well made and rest assured we’ll try and hunt them down for some close hands-on. Read more »

Proview tries to ban Apple’s iPad sales in the United States

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After it failed to impose a ban on Apple to sell the iPad in China because of its overdue trademark rights on the “IPAD” name, now Proview International has asked a Superior Court in Santa Clara, California to seize Apple from selling them iPads, read this, in the United States.

In December 2009 Proview agreed on selling their “IPAD” name trademark to Apple subsidiary IP Application Development but now claims that Apple made false statements before the agreement. So now, Proview wants justice to be brought to the situation and iPads to be stopped from selling in the U.S. Read more »

Samsung officially spins off LCD business, to focus on OLED instead

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From rumor to official in just over a week – the Samsung officially announced that it will separate its LCD division. The troubled division will start acting as a separate company at the start of the next month.

The Koreans believe that getting rid of the manufacturer of LCD panels will free up resources and will allow the Samsung display division to respond quicker to the clients needs. Read more »

Twitter extends its self-serve advertising to small businesses

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As of Thursday, Twitter opened up their self-serve advertising model to small businesses, allowing them to place ads on the company’s messaging platform, just as large businesses have been able to do since 2010.

an example promoted tweet from a small business

Twitter have been looking for greater ways with which they can increase their advertising revenue, a step such as this will add a lot of value to a company already estimated to be worth $8 billion. Read more »

The Wheel of Time’s final book A Memory of Light to come on January 8 2013

by 12 comments

Good news, Robert Jordan fans! The Wheel of Time series started over two decades ago, back in January 1990, with The Eye of the World.

I almost lost hope when Robert Jordan passed away, but thanks to Brandon Sanderson, we are going to see the end of the saga. Read more »

Fair Labor Association begins inspections at Foxconn at Apple’s request

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In recent times, Apple has often been blamed for the poor standards of employees working at Foxconn. It is also the only company being blamed for it, despite the fact that almost every major company out there, including the likes of Samsung, Nokia, Acer, ASUS, Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, Sony , Motorola and many others, also get their products manufactured at Foxconn.

Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a letter to the staff at Apple, stating that the company cares about every employee that works for it. But now to prove that those weren’t just empty words, Apple has now asked Fair Labor Association, to begin inspections at Foxconn. The FLA will conduct special voluntary audits of Apple’s final assembly suppliers, including Foxconn factories in Shenzhen and Chengdu, China. A team of labor rights experts have already begun the first inspections starting this Monday. Read more »

How The Pirate Bay was reduced to just 90MB of data

by 33 comments

Famed for its vast array of torrents and infamous within the film, television and music industries, The Pirate Bay has become one of the most well known and infamous torrent sites on the web.

The Pirate Bay, reduced to 90MB

Following its recent switch to the using magnet links however, its also become far more space efficient. So much so, one user decided to take the entire library of Pirate Bay torrent links and condense them onto a single USB flash drive. Read more »

GX1983: Samsung launch a new line of Italian menswear

by 70 comments

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the name ‘GX1983′ is the code for a yet undisclosed Samsung device and despite the logic behind this theory, you’d be way off.

a look at the new Italian fashion from a Korean electronics manufacturer, er, what?

Just the other day, Samsung unveiled that they would be launching a new line of menswear; clothing designed, made and sold exclusively in Italy under the name, GX1983. Read more »

Behold the magnitude of the Universe with this awesome Flash app

by 49 comments

Ready to see something fun? What I have for you is an interactive animation that lets you see how different things compare in size. It may not sound like much, but this one goes from the tiniest bits that compose our universe all the way to the solar systems and galaxies.

If you ever wondered how the Giza Pyramids compare in size to the Statue of Liberty, now is your chance to find out. Just be careful – zooming too far out might make you feel really insignificant. Read more »

Siri sure knows how to keep you from selling your iPhone 4S [VIDEO]

by 41 comments

Now this probably shouldn’t worry you right now as hardly anyone plans to sell their iPhone just a few months after acquiring it, but it’s one to keep in mind for the future. Siri might go crazy if she hears you consider selling its home.

Okay, maybe the filmmakers Andrew and Nathan McMurry added a dash of imagination to the whole deal, but the result is really worth checking out. 4 minutes and 25 seconds of pure awesomeness follow. Read more »

Braving the cold: which phone will work at -40 degrees Celsius?

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Designed in sunny California, the iPhone isn’t too good at handling the cold – in fact, Apple only guarantees it will work between 0°C and 35°C. Finns however encounter cold winters often, so a group of them started wondering – which phone will last the most in freezing cold?

They took the 15 of the most popular phones in Finland and decided to do a test – all the way down to -40°C. They plotted when phones first started exhibiting problems and when they stopped working completely. Read more »

Corning take us back to the future as they expand on their glass-laden vision of tomorrow

by 32 comments

Nearly one year ago, glass masters Corning brought us ‘A Day Made of Glass‘, which showed how they felt glass could be used to shape the future of our daily life.

Medical science made possible by the future technology of Corning

Now they’re back with its successor, the aptly named ‘A Day Made of Glass 2′ and it takes us through just how possible and impossible some of their futuristic concepts are right now. Visions of Minority Report aside, there looks to be a lot of potential in smart-glass products, a trend that we’re already seeing as phones and tablets evolve today. Read more »

Watch this amazing aerial video shot in the snow

by 8 comments

Snow is an awful thing, right? It slows down traffic, makes a mess of the sidewalks and makes the very idea of going out seem like a nightmare.

Except that it doesn’t always have to be like that. If you have lots of free time, a spark of creativity, warm boots and a multirotor RC helicopter at hand you might turn all that snow into art. Read more »