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Microsoft sold 3.9 million Xbox One units and doubled its Surface sales in 2013

Microsoft has announced its earnings report for the fourth quarter and the company has managed to better its performance from the previous year. The company has racked up a record $24.52 billion in revenue in 2013 as compared to the $21.5 billion in 2012.

The gross margin read $16.24 billion, while the operating income, net income and diluted earnings per share read $7.97 billion, $6.56 billion and $0.78 per share, respectively.

If we get deep into the report, we learn that the Redmond giants sold 3.9 million Xbox One and about 3.5 million Xbox 360 gaming consoles in the past 12 months. Microsoft has also managed to increase its Surface sales and the revenue from the project has doubled sequentially from $400 million in the first quarter to $893 million in the second.

The highly criticized Bing search service also grew to 18.2% and according to the report, its search advertising revenue saw an increase of 34%. Microsoft’s real challenge in the recent times was to improve its Windows and Windows Phone ecosystem. Although, the company has been working hard with new updates, the devices and consumer licensing revenue fell to $5.38 billion, a 5.6% drop from the previous year. However, on the while, the revenues of the devices and consumer business saw an increase of 13% to read $11.91 billion.

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