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Apple may have sold 25 million iPads last quarter

Munster consensus numbers indicate that Apple could have moved 24-25 million iPad units in Q4 2013. These numbers gain more credence when you consider that Fortune magazine echoed pretty much the same figures.

Many analysts believe that Apple could have sold even more iPads had it not been for the shortage of retina displays for the iPad mini. Couple this with the fact that the iPad air didn’t hit shelves until November 1st, and we could continue to see strong iPad sales even throughout Q1 2014.

Consumer Intelligence Reports released info that indicates the even though the iPad air has been outselling its larger counterparts, the last-gen iPad mini is still the king, outselling the air by 9%. The same firm also believes that the price of iPads are expected to rise, which does seem like a bold claim seeing as Apple’s tablet’s cost has only fallen since its release.



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