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Samsung revamps Music Hub, aims to rival iTunes and Google Music

by 17 comments

Samsung has stepped up its game with Music Hub, now offering unlimited streaming of your music and access to a library of over 19 million songs for 10 euro a month.

Currently Music Hub is a Galaxy S III exclusive but will become available across Samsung’s smartphones eventually. Read more »

Facebook could buy, make tagging easier than ever

by 16 comments

There are unconfirmed reports circling the web saying that Facebook is aimed at buying face recognition company for between $80 and $100 million.

This might mean that Facebook will implement the face recognition technology of to automatically tag the people in your photos and spare you the effort. Read more »

Facebook mobile app and website layout update to show bigger pictures

by 31 comments

Within a week of Google releasing an update for its iOS mobile app, Facebook too has released an update for its mobile apps and website that changes the way posts are displayed.

The posts are no longer displayed in a contiguous manner but instead appear in their own separate boxes. But most importantly, images now appear 3x bigger than before and span from edge to edge. Albums are also bigger now and show thumbnails for the contained images arranged in a single large grid. You can see from the first two pictures how it looks and how it looked before in the third picture. Read more »

Which virtual personal assistant is best for you? Siri vs. S Voice vs. Speaktoit Assistant

by 104 comments

Traditionally, personal assistants are for the wealthy with their lack of time for trivial chores. But with the introduction of Siri on the iPhone 4S everyone could suddenly have a personal butler to boss around. Shortly afterwards, a plethora of Android variations followed, giving users choice as wide as the Moon.

The latest one of the bunch is called S Voice. It is a love child of Samsung’s hate towards Apple and desire to pack as many features as possible in the Galaxy S III. It’s only logical then to see which one will serve you best – Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s S Voice or the third-party Speaktoit Assistant for Android. Read more »

Verizon to launch 911 SMS service in 2013

by 17 comments

There have been talks for SMS/MMS service to the emergency 911 number for quite some time but Verizon is the first to actually do something about it.

A few days ago Verizon announced it is working closely with TeleCommunication Systems to provide SMS support for 911. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III gets Flipboard exclusivity on Android, 50GB from Dropbox

by 13 comments

The Samsung Galaxy S III not only launched with some impressive software features by Samsung, but it also comes with a couple of interesting third party offerings. Flipboard, a popular social-network aggregation app, is launching for Android exclusively on the S III (it will come to other devices later). The other feat is a roomy free online storage from Dropbox.

Flipboard rose to popularity as an iOS app, but S III owners will be the first droid users to enjoy the magazine-like format for social media and RSS feeds. Read more »

Microsoft brings the Windows Phone Web Marketplace to 22 new markets

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If you are a Windows Phone user you are probably familiar with how the Marketplace works. In case you don’t want to browse apps from your Marketplace app on your phone you could only check them out via Zune or some third-party service.

That’s why last September Microsoft launched the Web Marketplace where you can browse and purchase apps directly from your browser. It’s a neat feature, much like the one Android users have been enjoying for a while now. Read more »

Apple rejecting apps that use the Dropbox SDK and allow purchases outside the app

by 23 comments

Apple is under fire once again due to its App Store policies, this time for rejecting apps that use the Dropbox SDK. It goes like this: some developers were found complaining on Dropbox forums that their apps made using the Dropbox SDK are being rejected by Apple.

The reason given by Apple for these rejections is that these apps do not use in-app purchasing and instead open Safari and take the user to the Dropbox site and lets them purchase additional storage from there. Apple has had this rule for some time now that any app-related purchase should always take place within the app itself using in-app purchasing and not outside the app. Any app found in violation of this rule will be rejected or removed. Read more »

Skype for iOS update brings UI changes and improved performance

by 9 comments

The Skype app for iOS got updated and brings with it some useful changes. The list of new features includes the ability to move your own video preview around. You know, the little window that appears at the bottom of the screen during a video call.

Other changes include a new UI design for contacts, messages and log in screen, improved accessibility, improved stability and bug fixes. The iPad version of the app also received these changes except for the UI redesign. Read more »

SkyDrive mobile app updated, Windows and Mac OS desktop apps make first appearance

by 10 comments

Microsoft has just updated its SkyDrive app on iOS and Windows Phone to version 2.0. The application now supports the iPad, including the Retina screen on the latest one, and there are other new tidbits meant to make the life of the users of both platforms a lot easier.

To start with, you can now choose multiple images or videos to upload from your device. The full lists follows below.

Update: Microsoft has also released desktop apps for Windows and MacOS allowing you a local access to your files in lieu of what Dropbox does. These aps are just preview versions, but they are a clear sign of what’s coming. Now it’s Google’s turn to come up with a stronger card. Read more »

Skype for Windows Phone no longer in beta

by 25 comments

Microsoft has released the final version of the Skype client for Windows Phone devices. The latest version includes the ability to search and add contacts, call landline phones, improved app startup time and general bug fixes.

However, there are still some caveats left. The application cannot run in the background, which means once you exit it you cannot get calls anymore, nor do you get any toast notifications from it. Read more »

Read it Later is now Pocket

by 4 comments

If you like reading on your phone then you may have used or heard of Read it Later. One of the most popular reading apps around, Read it Later allowed you to mark sites on your desktop browser for reading later and then when you go to the mobile app you would find them there properly formatted for the display of your smartphone.

Read it Later has now gone through a major redesign and is now called Pocket. The developers have changed almost every visible aspect of the application, and it looks almost nothing like the old one. It is also completely free, unlike Read it Later, which was sold in free and paid versions. Read more »

Google Drive reportedly launching next week with 5GB free space for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS

by 28 comments

Rumors about Google’s own cloud file sharing service dubbed Drive have been roaming the Internet for quite a while now. There are strong indications the launch is imminent and, now we hear it will be happening as early as next week.

The guys from TechCrunch got their hands on the Google Drive app for Mac OS X, proving the search giant’s intention of launching its newest service in the nearest future. Read more »

The US Department of Justice sues Apple over fixing eBook prices

by 28 comments

The DoJ has sued Apple along with five major publishers for allegedly fixing prices for ebooks available through iBooks on various Apple devices.

Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillian, Penguin and Simon & Schuster have all been targeted alongside Apple for entering into pricing agreements over how much to charge for ebooks. Read more »

India gets its first 4G LTE network, courtesy of Bharti Airtel

by 60 comments

India is about to join the list of countries with fully operational 4G LTE networks. And the company responsible for this is Bharti Airtel, which also happens to be the fifth largest carrier in the world by number of subscribers.

Kolkata, a large metropolitan area in Eastern India, is the first area to be blessed with 4G LTE service. It will be followed by Karnataka, Punjab and other parts of India in Q3 of this year. Read more »