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Samsung Galaxy S III gets Flipboard exclusivity on Android, 50GB from Dropbox

The Samsung Galaxy S III not only launched with some impressive software features by Samsung, but it also comes with a couple of interesting third party offerings. Flipboard, a popular social-network aggregation app, is launching for Android exclusively on the S III (it will come to other devices later). The other feat is a roomy free online storage from Dropbox.

Flipboard rose to popularity as an iOS app, but S III owners will be the first droid users to enjoy the magazine-like format for social media and RSS feeds. The app competes against Google’s own Currents and Pulse (which came preinstalled on some older Galaxy models). The app also offers a widget for at a glance info.

The Dropbox deal is reminiscent to deals of other carriers and unfortunately includes the 2 year tilit (that is, it’s not a life-time thing). Anyway, with a Galaxy S III your storage will be boosted to 50GB, which is double what you get out of an HTC One phone.

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