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Google photo backgrounds now show up throughout the world putting some color in your search

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There are very few things that Bing does better than Google and allowing you to customize its homepage is one of them. Until today, that is, as Google just enabled this feature for everyone with a registered Google Account.

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Adobe Lightroom 3 is finally out, brings a host of new features

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Adobe Lightroom 3 has been in beta for a while, but no more – today Adobe lifts the veil to reveal the final version. What should you look forward to in Lightroom 3? Well, the impressive new RAW processing engine, automatic lens correction, tethered shooting and a few other features as well…

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Apple announce Safari 5, add extensions, reader, 30% faster JavaScript

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I know the excitement of the new iPhone 4 hasn’t passed yet, but Apple did announce other things yesterday. Safari 5 for Mac and PC was also announced, putting faster page loading and better JavaScript performance on the table along with some new features like better URL suggestion, the interesting Reader function and *gasp* extensions…

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64-bit Firefox beta available for download now, let the debugging start

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A 64-bit Firefox browser to go with your 64-bit OS is what you always secretly wanted, right? Well if you aren’t afraid of a few minor bugs and glitches you can now download the pre-release version.

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Windows Embedded Compact 7 officially announced at long last, video demo impresses

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When one of your partners announces a device running your latest OS before you have unveiled it, something is obviously going wrong. Still Microsoft acted quick on this one and officially announced their Windows Embedded Compact 7 tablet platform so it might have just been a trivial case of miscommunication.

Demanding less powerful hardware than Windows 7 and thus ensuring better performance on ultra portable computers and handhelds, the just announced Windows Embedded Compact 7 is also nicely touch-optimized supporting multi-touch and various gestures. Read more »

Time Warner and NBC Universal side with Adobe, keep their Flash videos

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There’s a war raging and everybody has to pick sides. Apparently Time Warner and NBC Universal are siding with Adobe on this one. According to The New York Post they and several other major media companies have refused to convert their video libraries to HTML5.

The companies in question have explained that such a move would cost them dear and “is not worth it because Flash dominates the web”. Read more »

Stockholm goes 3D in Google Earth with photo textures, still can’t substitute the real thing

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You can add Stockholm to the list of cities available in 3D form inside Google Earth with photo-textured buildings, a list which so far includes New York and Madrid.

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Google TV brings the web to your TV

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Seemingly bored with its quest for total domination of the personal computer and smartphone, Google just announced its new and upcoming service called Google TV. Television is a huge ad market with 4 billion users around the globe using it actively and Google plans to revolutionize it.

The concept behind Google TV is to merge the web with your TV so you can enjoy all those videos available online on the largest and best screen in your home – the one of your TV set. Read more »

Google announce the WebM open web video format, a lot of partners

by 258 comments

One of the major announcements at the Google I/O developers event is the new open web video format called WebM. Based on the VP8 video codec and Ogg Vorbis audio codec, WebM should be optimized well enough to allow playback even on mobile phones, tablets and netbooks.

WebM is an open-source format that will be licensed for free so it should provide a nice alternative to the H.264. Read more »

Google unveil the Chrome Web Store, start filling it with content

by 1,078 comments

One of the biggest problems when launching a new OS, be it mobile or desktop, is the lack of applications for it. That’s why Google did the smart thing and created an application store for their Chrome OS well in advance, so some content could be gathered before the platform becomes publicly available.

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Skype 5 first beta brings 5-way video calls to Windows users

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The first beta of one of the world’s most popular IM clients has just been released for public download. It brings support for up to 5-way group video-calling a refreshed call interface as well as improved video snapshots gallery and browser plugin.

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Google and Google Mobile search results now with new outfit

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If you haven’t noticed it already Google updated their desktop and mobile search engines with new outfit. Now it’s easier than ever to sort, filter and organize your search results thanks to some new functionality docked on the left panel.

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Internet Explorer falls below 60% market share, older IE6 is the second most popular browser

by 203 comments

Web page developers rejoice – the monster that haunts your dreams (or as Microsoft call it, Internet Explorer) fell to 59.95% health points, um, I mean market share. This is the lowest point at which IE has been since it took the market from Netscape Navigator during the dark ages.

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Windows 7 sells 100 million copies, becomes the fastest selling Microsoft OS ever

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Windows 7 sold more than 100 million licenses around the globe since its launch on 22 October last year. This sell ratio automatically turns the last Windows installment into the fastest selling Microsoft OS of all times.

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Google Maps gains Earth view, lets you gawk at 3D buildings in your browser

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Google really like to keep as many things running in the browser as they can – the latest enhancement to what you can do in a browser is browse Google Earth content straight from the Google Maps page…

The new Earth view in Google Maps requires a plug-in to run though, we’ve still got some way to go before those JavaScript 3D standards are finalized. That plug-in has been out for about two years but its testing period has ended and it has been moved to its rightful place – besides the Map and Satellite views in Google Maps. Read more »