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Google Reader Play is a new, touch-friendly view for Google Reader

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I’m getting a bit worried about the guys at Google Labs – at the rate they’re pumping out new stuff, they probably don’t get much time to sleep. The latest thing to pop out of the Labs is Google Reader Play – a new way to view Reader that seems particularly well suited to tablets, maybe even touch phones.

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Google Maps gets biking directions

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Apparently every second or so person that this guy working in the Google Maps team knows can’t live without two things – their bike and Google Maps. So they decided to do something about the fellas that pedal their way through the country by including Bicycling directions in Google Maps. True story!

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Google launched their own App Marketplace – the Cloud is your new home

by 426 comments

Google just went ahead and launched an App Marketplace of their own. Hmm, strange, you may wonder what kind of apps they’ll be selling? Well, it’s easy – web apps. The first available apps are business oriented and already available for purchase. Now let’s get behind the storefront.

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Microsoft demonstrates a game running on Windows 7, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360

by 12 comments

Microsoft demoed a cross-platform game during the TechEd Middle East 2010. The game ran on their three most popular platforms – Windows 7, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360 sharing the saved files between them.

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Opera 10.5 hits desktop Windows, promises unseen before speeds

by 281 comments

Opera might not be the most popular browser in terms of market share, but it certainly isn’t short of innovative features. Its latest 10.5 version was made available for Windows-running computers today and according to the developers it should be the fastest desktop browser alive.

The new JavaScript engine should offer up to 7 times faster performance, which should put it miles ahead of the competitors. Of course, JavaScript is only one of many aspects of a browser’s performance so it might be a bit too bold of a claim but still… Read more »

Google Street View goes even where there are no streets, updates its UI

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Thanks to photo-sharing site such as Picasa, Panoramio and Flickr, Google Maps StreetView now goes off the street showing pedestrian-only zones in almost seamlessly stitched photo view.

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Six new features you will find in Gmail by default, Search Auto complete and YouTube preview among others

by 160 comments

Gmail Labs have been the playground of “mad Google scientists” for over a year and a half now – they churn out new and experimental additions to Gmail one after another and users can opt to use that new functionality at their own risk.

Google Labs has seen anything from the game Snake to the Forgotten Attachment Detector (an actually useful feature). Six of these features are graduating – being included into the default Gmail feature set, while five others are being retired. Read more »

Microsoft Outlook 2010 gets social networking, how about a boss key?

by 152 comments

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client a lot of people use at work. How to make it better? Add social networking, of course! But wait, won’t your boss be pissed with you tweeting instead of, you know… doin’ da job?

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Star Craft II beta run starts today in USA, Europe will follow

by 22 comments

Without any warning, Blizzard Entertainment opens today the public beta testing of Start Craft II. There is no official word on how the beta keys will be given. Users stateside are supposed to be the first lucky ones to get them, Europe and Asia to follow.

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Google Buzz turns Gmail into a social networking site, Facebook and MySpace beware

by 309 comments

An XKCD comic shows the following morning routine – 1) wake up, 2) catch up on the lives of friends around the world, 3) get out from under the covers. It sounds weird when you put it like that but it’s nonetheless true and it’s social networking that made it possible.

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Apple announces Aperture 3, available immediately

by 780 comments

You might have noticed yesterday that the Apple Store website was down for a while. It turns out that the addition of a new product caused this hiccup – the company is now distributing the new 3rd version of their image processing software Aperture. Just how can Apple be in the business for so long and still not find a way to update their website without shutting it down first is beyond me, but that’s a whole other story.

Aperture 3

Aperture 3 features more than 200 new features, the most noteworthy of them being Faces, Places and Brushes. Read more »

A video mockup shows the future of the Firefox interface and it’s animated

by 14 comments

The guys are serious about designing the perfect UI and they have put a lot of effort into various experiments. Firefox 4 is a long way from getting released but its UI has gone through several mockups already and now they’re introducing a new element – eye-candy animation.

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Kaspersky Lab false positive: Google ads spread no virus

by 10 comments

If you happen to use antivirus software created by Kaspersky Lab, you have probably seen the virus warring quite a lot of times today. It turns out that a flaw in several of the company’s software products caused the unnecessary panic by recognizing all Google ads websites as infected. ZoneAlarm as well as F-Secure antivirus software products have also been affected by this problem.

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Launch trailer of Mass Effect 2, one week left to the most epic sci-fi journey

by 51 comments

Today BioWare released the last and final trailer of Mass Effect 2, the long awaited sequel to one of the best sci-fi adventures ever. The game promises to reach epic proportions with enormous gameplay world, non-linear story where player’s decisions affects the direction they take all the time and one hell of a plot.

Collectors and Keepers, Shepard is coming!
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Nokia Image Space lets you create 3D presentations of the places you’ve visited

by 220 comments

Nokia Image Space sounds just like the next service allowing you to upload your images to the Internet directly from your mobile phone. B-o-o-ring! But take a closer look. It actually let’s you do much more.

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