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Windows 7 sells 100 million copies, becomes the fastest selling Microsoft OS ever

Windows 7 sold more than 100 million licenses around the globe since its launch on 22 October last year. This sell ratio automatically turns the last Windows installment into the fastest selling Microsoft OS of all times.

According to Microsoft every one of ten PCs uses Windows 7. Many companies prepare to migrate into the new operating system and will do that despite there is still no service pack for it. If you remember most of the Vista sales came after the first service pack was released.

One hundred million licenses (that includes the OEM version too) are a really promising number. And that is just the official statistic. If we add the pirated Windows 7 versions installed all over the world, it might turn that every two or three out of ten PCs run the new OS already.

I see bright future for Windows 7, especially now that it started landing on most netbooks and tablets.



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