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The Google +1 button puts the Like in your search

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Google is introducing the +1 button, which will be a like button, available directly on every one of your search results. The service will soon be available for testing and after that to everyone with a Google account.

The idea behind this is to vote +1 for Google search results or websites that you like. Essentially, this way you would be giving feedback to everyone else who’s interested in the same topic. You’d also be on the receiving of this new feature as the community opinion should help you find relevant information sources as well. Read more »

A new developer beta of Mac OS X Lion is out, could be Gold Master

by 274 comments

Apple has just released a new developer preview of the Mac OS X Lion. It comes after a whole month without any updates on the first release and once again you can get it through the Mac AppStore only.

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Chrome 12 dev packs new tab management, Firefox 5 UI mockups show what might be coming

by 10 comments

Well, version numbers in the browser world fly by faster than months. The Chrome team takes the lead with the Chrome 12 dev release with several new features including tab management improvements, a new New tab page an FPS counter and some second thoughts on the new logo.

Meanwhile, the Mozilla team is looking to speed up the major release cycle of Firefox and are already sketching new features for Firefox 5. In the next installment of the browser, we’ll see a new UI that allows you to sign into the same site several times… Read more »

Amazon launches Cloud Player, lets you store and stream your music from the cloud for free

by 10 comments

Amazon is aggressively expanding their business venues – just last week they launched an app store Android and now they’re enabling music streaming for their Cloud Drive service.

Streaming music over the Internet is something that both Google and Apple are rumored to be working on. So, let’s see how well the Amazon Cloud Player works… Read more »

Happy 10th anniversary, Mac OS X!

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Today marks the completion of the 10th year of Mac OS X existence. The OS X has gone a long way through those years – abandoned the PowerPC architecture, adopted the Intel one, dropping the Classic apps support and brought completely new looks, tons of new features, apps, services and utilities.

Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah

The first Mac OS launched way back in 1984, while the Mac OS X was publicly released on 24 March 2001. Today we are already looking forward to the next major release – Lion, which will finally create a bridge between the Apple mobile platform iOS and the desktop OS X. Read more »

YouTube editor gets stabilization and 3D Video Creator features

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The YouTube in-browser video editor just got updated. And this isn’t your everyday minor tweaking, mind you, this is a pretty major improvement. The editor can stabilize your shaky video and even make it 3D worthy.

The stabilization feature is using the Green Parrot Pictures technology and know-how, which Google recently acquired by buying the company. It removes all the shaky camera movement and replaces it with specially selected trajectories. It makes it look as if you were using a tripod for filming the video rather than your hands. Read more »

Google Chrome 11 goes beta, you can get it now

by 1,305 comments

Google has just announced the availability of the beta version of their latest Chrome browser. The new version number is 11.0.696.16 and introduces several new features to Chrome to users of all major platforms (PC, Mac and Linux).

The most notable improvements the new Chrome brings include a voice search, powered by HTML5, GPU-accelerated 3D CSS and a new icon. Read more »

Watch people download Firefox 4 on the world map, more than 5 million already have

by 23 comments

Firefox 4 shot past 5 million downloads in under 24 hours and has already doubled the first day download numbers of Internet Explorer 9. There’s still a little time left and you can help version 4 beat the 8 million downloads record set by Firefox 3.

Or you could just stare at the world map – there’s a flash of light on the map every time someone downloads Firefox 4. Read more »

Firefox 4 final version now available for download, the official launch is later today

by 284 comments

We should see the latest and greatest Mozilla browser launch officially later today. And as the tradition goes the company has made it available for download through its FTP server a day early for the most eager among you.

So if you want to give the final version of Firefox 4 a try you can do that right now. Read more »

Nokia Software Updater for Mac OS X is now available

by 589 comments

I am not sure how many Nokia users out there are dedicated to Mac, but they will surely appreciate this news. Nokia Beta Labs has just launch an RC version of the Nokia Software Updater for Mac OS X.

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Opera unleashed the beta of their Opera 11.10 browser, codenamed Barracuda

by 6 comments

Today Opera Software released the beta version of their latest browser. The beta is supposed to be faster, with enhanced friendliness and usability for both consumers and developers.

A new Speed Dial comes along with the new beta. This is the convenient first page, which arranges your favorite sites for easy access. It’s a key feature of Opera and most people, using their browsers are well fond of it. The new Speed Dial adds new fields as the free ones get piled-up. And there’s a zoom option to manipulate the thumbnails’ size. Read more »

IE9 scores 2.35 million downloads in the first 24 hours of its existence

by 268 comments

Internet Explorer 9 launched the other day and it seems to be gaining popularity quite quickly. The latest version of the world’s most popular web browser scored some 2.35 million downloads in the first 24 hours of its existence alone, which is pretty impressive.

That makes over 27 download per second or nearly 100 000 downloads each hour. Read more »

Adobe reports vulnerability in Flash Player that affects desktops and Android, a fix is coming next week

by 10 comments

Adobe has reported on a critical vulnerability in Flash Player, Reader and Acrobat applications. It’s interesting since it affects the desktop Flash Player along with the Android one and even the one embedded in Chrome.

Adobe is working on a fix, but until then you should be careful when dealing with Flash files – there are reports of attacks using this vulnerability… Read more »

Internet Explorer 9 is out, ready for download – here are a few screenshots and benchmarks

by 19 comments

Internet Explorer 9 is all done and baked and ready for download. Maybe you’ve played with the beta but I hadn’t so I took it for a quick spin – a few benchmarks and a few clicks on the more interesting-looking buttons.

First off, here are a few screenshots for those of you who haven’t seen Internet Explorer 9 before… Read more »

Google lets users block sites from search results, wishes death to link spam

by 14 comments

I’ve been waiting for this feature for quite a while – Google will allow you to bock whole sites from its search results, starting today. There are browser plug-ins to do that, but now the Big G is building it right into their search pages.

Google is pretty good at finding what I need, but when researching a more obscure topic, most of the results point to the same nasty link spam site that not just gets in the way, but is terribly annoying too… Read more »