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Time Warner and NBC Universal side with Adobe, keep their Flash videos

There’s a war raging and everybody has to pick sides. Apparently Time Warner and NBC Universal are siding with Adobe on this one. According to The New York Post they and several other major media companies have refused to convert their video libraries to HTML5.

The companies in question have explained that such a move would cost them dear and “is not worth it because Flash dominates the web”. So after Google made it clear that Flash is important to their devices by including it in the Andorid 2.2 Froyo release last week, Apple took another hit.

While there is little doubt that HTML5 is the future of web video and will eventually replace Flash, it will need time to do so. Ian Hickson, editor of the HTML5 specification expects it to get W3C Recommendation in the year 2022 – a lifetime in internet development terms. Are Apple really going to wait that long or do they have a plan B?



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