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Adobe Lightroom 3 is finally out, brings a host of new features

Adobe Lightroom 3 has been in beta for a while, but no more – today Adobe lifts the veil to reveal the final version. What should you look forward to in Lightroom 3? Well, the impressive new RAW processing engine, automatic lens correction, tethered shooting and a few other features as well…

Adobe Lightroom 3 packs the latest Camera Raw processor, which impressed us back when it was still in beta. Automatic lens correction based on profiles (like the one in the Photoshop CS5) is also included as is tethered shooting for some Nikon and Canon cameras (the ability to control the camera from the computer). Another new addition is the ability to handle video files from DSLR cameras.

Lightroom 3 is useful even after you’re done editing the photos – you’re one click away from syncing your Flickr account with Lightroom and additional plug-ins will add support for more photo sharing sites.

Exporting slideshows as videos, complete with titles and music, is another way that Lightroom 3 can help you show off your photos. Printing and watermarking tools are also available. It comes with native 64-bit support if you’ve got the proper CPU and OS version.

Current Adobe Lightroom users can upgrade to version 3 for 99 US dollars, while new users will have to shell out the full price of 299 dollars.

If you’re worried that you’re not an expert at those things, well don’t. Scott Kelby and the gang over at Photoshop User have a free Learning center up and running full of free instructional videos, which explain the new features and teach you how to use them. That should be enough to get you started with Adobe Lightroom 3.



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