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Chrome loads pages the fastest, but Firefox leads in perceived speed

According to Compuware’s web benchmarking division, page load times are a neck and neck race between Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer 9, despite a good speedup is still behind, while Safari 5 has almost caught up with Firefox.

It’s an interesting report, especially the difference between perceived loading speeds and full page load speeds. Opera was left out of the report and Chrome was tested only up to version 12, not 13 (the latest currently available).

Anyway, Chrome 12 loads a web page fully in 3.433 seconds on average. However, the perceived rendering time (how long it takes to display the page, but before it’s fully loaded) for Google browser was 2.374 seconds, while Firefox 5 scored 2.18 seconds on the same test.

The numbers were acquired by gauging real-word performance (no synthetic benchmarks), with nearly 2 billion measurements for 200 web sites.



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