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Amazon announces the $199 dual-core Kindle Fire color tablet based on Android

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Boy, this is big! Amazon just unveiled their Android-running Kindle Fire slate and it’s looking like a real winner. The $199 tablet has a 7″ IPS LCD with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and runs on a TI OMAP chipset with a dual-core CPU. Its screen has a Gorilla glass cover on top and a special anti-reflective coating that should make it fully usable outdoors.

Weighing 413 grams, the Amazon Kindle Fire is a relatively compact tablet at 190 mm x 120 mm x 11.4 mm and it’s thinner than the Nook Color, which has a profile of 12mm. The Kindle Fire has just 8 GB of internal storage, but Amazon is offering free online storage for any content you get from their ecosystem. That means some of the 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, and books that you can purchase from the tablet itself plus the apps from the Amazon Android app store. Read more »

Lara Croft and Guardian of Light game coming to Android as an Xperia PLAY exclusive

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Today Sony Ericsson announced that another block buster game will be landing exclusively on its Xperia PLAY smartphone. Square Enix will be bringing Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light to the gaming-centered droid in November.

[prm p="20244"][/prm]

Of course, that exclusivity is only valid if you are talking about the Android platform. The title has been available on iOS-running devices for quite a while now. Yet the developer has assured us that with the rich set of gaming controls available on the XPERIA Play this will be the best place to enjoy the game.

We guess that the Android exclusivity of the Lara Croft and Guardian of Light will be limited to a few months with the game becoming available for the other devices on the platform after that.

There’s still nothing mentioned about the pricing of the title, but it shouldn’t be higher than the $2.99 that it costs on iOS.


HTC planning a big Beats Audio event in London on October 6th, a new Beats phone is coming?

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HTC’s next event is set on taking place on October 6th at the Roundhouse venue in England’s capital London. The slogan of the official invite is “Come feel every beat” and the new product announcements will be combines with a nice and loud party.

The expected handset in the spotlight will probably be the Sensation XL (previously rumored as Runnymede or Bass), sporting the Beats treatment. We previously had an encounter with its dual-core sibling the Sensation XE.

Read more »

The Samsung Galaxy Note phoneblet takes on our benchmark course

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So, it’s here – it because we’re still not quite sure what to call the Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s too big to be a phone, a 5.3″ is quite a bit bigger than even the 4.65/4.7 inch screens we’ve been seeing lately.

It’s not quite a “tablet” either Read more »

Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S II) comes by for an interview [VIDEO]

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The first member of the Galaxy S II U.S. trio paid us a visit and we have a whole bunch of initial impressions to share with you. The Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch is the CDMA version of the powerful droid, already available exclusively at Sprint Wireless for $199.99 with a two-year contract.

It has grown in size, compared to the Galaxy S II which we (and about 10 million other people) have already grown quite fond of, dropping the 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus for a 4.52″ display of the same kind. WiMax connectivity is also on board, promising some serious network speeds. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Let’s see what else this droid has to offer.

The Epic 4G Touch is powered by Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 and Galaxy Player 5.0 hands-on

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Yesterday we attended at the Samsung event in NYC, which saw the landing of three new Galaxy devices on the US shores. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 wasn’t particularly interesting to us as we have already previewed it, but that was our first encounter with the Galaxy Player 5.0 and Galaxy Player 4.0 Android-running PMPs.

So here we are bringing you a batch of live photos of the two along with some quick impressions of them. Read more »

Samsung announces Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Player 5.0 and 4.0

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Alright, so the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is not really new as it was announced back in March along with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and we have even done a hands-on with it. But up until now the availability of the tablet was unknown. Samsung has finally come clean with it though, as you will now be able to get your hands on the Galaxy Tab 8.9 starting October 2, and it is available for pre-order right now.

It will be available in two models, 16GB and 32GB, with the former priced at $469 and the latter being $569. It’s not a lot cheaper than the bigger 10.1 model, which costs just $30 more in either memory capacity and seems better value in comparison. Read more »

Fully Loaded: Fujitsu-Toshiba’s ARROWS Z comes with Android, waterproofing, WiMAX and a 13MP Camera to boot

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First off, it’s essential to say that this device won’t be coming to the US or anywhere else outside of Japan. The ARROW Z ISW11F is just one of six Android handsets that Japanese carrier, KDDI recently brought to market.

The wonderfully named ISW11F is a veritable mixed bag of gadgetry (and a powerful mixed bag at that). Read more »

The two Motorola Xoom 2 tablets put side to side – the 8 and 10-inchers

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The Motorola Xoom 2 tablet will, by the looks of it, be offered in two size versions – the 10.1″ and a 8.2″ one. Both devices seem to sport an iPhone-esque 9.3 mm thickness, which isn’t the best in tablet land but is still considered thinner than average.

Join us after the break for more photos. Read more »

HTC Runnymede/Bass shown off in quick video, still not official

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The HTC Runnymede peeks out of the rumor mill again, this time on video. It’s been spotted before, but seeing an actual running device means that it’s either very close to completion or already completed – and an official announcement can’t be too far off.

The Runnymede, or perhaps Bass, puts a 4.7″ WVGA S-LCD screen and Beats Audio in the same package as a 1.5GHz single-core CPU, among other specs. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S II Android 2.3.5 update leaks – yours to try, if you dare

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We already knew that Samsung are about to release an Android 2.3.5 update for the original Galaxy S, so the fact that its successor is getting the same treatment is not exactly shocking news. What you might be more excited to know is that one of the Samsung-made Android 2.3.5-based ROMs has escaped the security at their R&D centers and is, available to everyone that would like to give it a try right now.

We are not quite sure if it’s worth voiding your warranty, though, as Android 2.3.5 isn’t such a major update. We don’t have an official changelog for it, but from what we’ve seen so far, the improvements brought by it are focused in the Gmail app. Read more »

Apple App Store icons get featured in a Samsung store

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It is no secret that the legal battle between Apple and Samsung is one of the hottest news topics in the world of mobile telecommunications. It is truly grand in scale, spreading over markets on just about every continent. Having this in mind, we can qualify the picture, which we stumbled upon, as nothing short of strange.

As you can see above, Read more »

Sandisk’s new mammoth 64GB microSDXC card undergoes some compatibility tests [VIDEO]

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Only earlier this month Sandisk announced their latest offering for removable mobile storage, an impressive 64GB micro SDXC Ultra series number that was said to offer class 6 performance.

sandisk 64GB and test devices

That class 6 rating means we should see minimum write speeds of 6MB/s and theoretically, promising transfer speeds of up to 30MB/s. The news of the card’s existence at all is all well and good, but it comes with a disclaimer of sorts. Read more »

Motorola Xoom 2 images leak, pointy corners no longer part of standard equipment

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Looks like Motorola has developed a fetish for beveled corners recently. After the Photon 4G and the recently leaked 7-inch tablet, another Motorola device has leaked on which the company has cut corners, literally.

This time we are looking at leaked images of the alleged Motorola Xoom 2, the successor to the not-so-popular Motorola Xoom tablet. Unlike the previously leaked tablet this one seems to have a 10-inch display just like its predecessor. Read more »

Want access to 250,000+ Android apps on your MeeGo device? Now you have [VIDEO]

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OpenMobile’s ACL should now be your go-to for apps on your MeeGo device. ACL stands for Application Compatibility Layer and it leverages both the runtime environment and the Dalvik Virtual Machine used by Android to allow support for 100% of the Android Market’s apps.

guitar hero for android on meego

The video below shows a demonstration of the ACL running an x86 MeeGo tablet, laden with Android apps. Read more »