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Check out the impressive Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen in action [VIDEO]

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With all the hot features of the Samsung Galaxy Note you may have forgotten that the phoneblet comes with a nifty little accessory called the S Pen. Unfortunate choice of naming aside, the S Pen might turn out to be one of the hottest features of the Galaxy Note as it adds quite a lot of extra functionality.

Samsung has included cool gesture controls that you can use with the S Pen, like making a screenshot and making notes on top of it and launching the notepad from anywhere in the interface, opening contexts menus and whatnot. The fancy stylus seems to offer pretty good response time and allows for the kind of accuracy that lets you create some pretty impressive sketches right on the Note’s 5.3″ HD Super AMOLED screen. Read more »

Android ICS makes full use of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ HD screen, here’s the proof

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When the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was announced last week, giving us the first taste of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, many of you wanted to know if the smartphone uses its entire screen, or if the menu navigation keys are always there, taking up a part of precious screen real estate.

Well, tonight we got the chance to play with a Galaxy Nexus version that’s closer to the retail one, and we can give you the answer. Read more »

HTC and Beats Audio will hold an event in NYC on November 3, we’ll be there

by 23 comments

HTC and Beats Audio are (finally) about to spill the beans on a product of their collaboration in the United States. We have just received our invitation for an event, which is going to take place in New York City on November 3rd.

The most likely suspect is Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note video commercial is out, brags about its confused identity

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As the Samsung Galaxy Note launch nears (we’ll be covering the launch event on Thursday live) we got to see the first video ad of the upcoming device. The 30-second promo focuses on that huge HD Super AMOLED and all the benefits of the S Pen.

Samsung also flirts with the too-big-a-phone-or-too-small-a-tablet body of the Galaxy Note towards the end. We are yet to see if there’s enough demand for such a product, but the video is definitely worth checking out. Read more »

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, confirmed to be coming to Verizon before the end of 2011

by 28 comments

It would appear that newly announced Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with its Ice Cream Sandwich goodness will also be making an appearance in LTE form.

But just the other day, Samsung and Google’s Unpacked Event in Hong Kong brought the next evolutionary step of Android to the fore. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus will hit the shelves on November 13

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In case you liked our hands-on of the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, and wondered when can you get your own, we have an official date for you. The most pocket friendly Android Honeycomb slate from the Samsung family will hit the shelves in the United States on November 13, with prices starting a $399.99.

In case you are extra anxious about getting one, you can pre-order it from Read more »

Android slates had a market share of only 26.9% in Q3, iPad still equals tablet

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The iPad continues to be the undisputed tablet market leader as the Q3, analysts show. During the past three months 16.7 million slates were sold and the mind-blowing 66.6% of those were iPads.

The few dozens Android tablets shipped a total of 4.5 million in the third quarter, giving them a share of 26.9%. Now that may be enough to make Android the only other major player in the tablet game, but it’s actually a step back for the Google OS, compared to Q2. Read more »

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich running Nexus One inspires developers and users all around the world [VIDEO]

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With the release of Ice Cream Sandwich couple of day ago every Android device now feels old and outdated. Fortunately, developer with the nickname dr1337md managed to get the tasty Android 4.0 running on the Nexus One.

The successful Ice Cream Sandwich installation is actually an SDK port and while it may not have everything running buttery smooth, it’s a huge step forward towards bringing Android 4.0 to modern Android devices.
Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Nexus SuperAMOLED comes with PenTile matrix as well, here’s the proof

by 90 comments

As you probably know, despite the 720p resolution, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus isn’t packing a Super AMOLED Plus, but a regular Super AMOLED screen. Those of you that have been paying more attention would even know what the main difference between the two is that the “Plus” AMOLED uses a conventional 3-subpixel-per-pixel RGB matrix, while the regular one goes by with 2-subpixel-per-pixel RGBG PenTile matrix.

So the Samsung Galaxy Nexus should come with one of those PenTile matrices, right? Well, as our macro shots showed – yes. The question remains if that really matters here. Read more »

Google explains the presence of a barometer in the Galaxy Nexus, hopes you’d stop asking now

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The presence of a barometer inside the Galaxy Nexus raised some eyebrows, even though the Motorola Xoom has had that feature for a while now. People seemed to be having a hard time wrapping their head around the idea of having a barometer in a phone.

So to put this matter to rest and for the people to stop talking about it so much, Google’s Dan Morril posted on his Google+ account the answer to why the Galaxy Nexus has a barometer. Read more »

Sony Ericsson Xperia active comes by, bullies around all the other phones

by 30 comments

The Xperia active has kindly dropped by for a visit here at GSMArena’s headquarters in all of its IP67 certified glory. It’s water-proof up to a meter depth, it’s splash resistant too and can withstand some dirt in its face just in case.

We’ll get started with this bad boy but in the mean time we thought we could put together a UI demo and an unboxing for your viewing pleasure. Read more »

ASUS chairman shows the next Transformer tablet in the flesh

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Well, that didn’t take long. The next version of the Transformer teased us with its video just yesterday and now ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih unveiled the new Transformer model, called Transformer Prime.

Shih also showcased the Prime’s laptop dock, which looks thinner that last years’ model. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Nexus benchmarked, shows much improved browser performance in Ice Cream Sandwich

by 124 comments

We got our hands on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus yesterday and we fiddled with its camera. Today, we decided to run a few benchmarks to see what would happen. The phone is running a buggy developer version of Ice Cream Sandwich, but managed to show some impressive scores.

We pulled a few numbers from benchmarks we’ve ran before, so we can compare the Galaxy Nexus against some of the high-end droids on the market. Read more »

Here’s a demo of the Galaxy Nexus camera interface [VIDEO]

by 47 comments

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is in our office for a short while and while our first look article is in the works, we decided to dive in and see the revamped camera app and explore the new features it offers.

The camera interface has been totally reworked taking more minimal approach to the user interface, while the 5MP camera at back does all the heavy working. Read more »

ICS coming weeks after Galaxy Nexus launch, will the Nexus S get it first?

by 49 comments

It’s not the first time we’re finding ourselves in update fever amidst Android OS announcements. One factor has always been constant – the pure-blood Google phones will get there first. So now it’s only logical that after the Galaxy Nexus it will be the Nexus S’s turn to claim the brand new OS version, right?

Andy Rubin has said in an interview at the AsiaD conference that Ice Cream Sandwich will be released “a couple of weeks after” the Galaxy Nexus and no word on which phones will get the desired treatment first. Putting together two and two we can conclude that ICS will be available somewhere between late November and December. Read more »