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Sony Ericsson wants YOU to vote how their future microUSB cables should look like

Most phone manufacturers are very proactive on Facebook recently, reaching to their fans mainly for product advertising and news. Sony Ericsson is taking this initiative one step further, and asks its Facebook fans about how their future microUSB cables should look like.

As you can see in the photos above, there are three choices for you to consider – the straight connecting cable or the two that are top or bottom-angled.

Here’s what Sony Ericsson says about their ongoing survey:

We’re currently thinking about which design we should use for our USB plugs, which do you think we should use? Hit “like” on whichever USB connection you think we should use, and why not comment on it to let us know why too?

To enter in the survey and place your vote for the microUSB cable configuration you like, click on the corresponding picture and give it a “Like”. The one with most “Likes” is most likely going to be Sony Ericsson’s new design for their microUSB cables.

While it may appear odd, if you think about it, it’s not a bad idea at all. After all, it’s always a good thing to see a major phone manufacturer reaching out to their customers and fans to decide the future of the accessories for the upcoming devices. Click the link below to take part in the survey. Which one got your vote?



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