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50 Cent Star-Wars headphones

by 49 comments

If you’re a Star Wars fan and have $200 burning a hole in your pocket then you may want to take a look at SMS Audio’s newest headphones.

The new Star Wars line of over the ear headphones feature Boba Fett, Storm Trooper, Empire, and Rebel Alliance designs. Read more »

Microsoft Stores giving out free Windows Phones this weekend

by 102 comments

OK so you like Windows Phones, but don’t necessarily want to shell out any money for them. This is a pretty high demand to make, however, you may get lucky this weekend if you visit a Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Stores across across the US will be giving away 8 free Windows Phones handsets per day. Read more »

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer is now online

by 53 comments

Can’t get enough Call of Duty action? Well you’ll be happy to know that the official trailer is released and it packs a surprise.

The surprise isn’t necessarily a new weapon or game feature, however, it’s actor Kevin Spacey. Read more »

Worldwide tablet sales fail to reach projections

by 52 comments

IDC has confirmed that worldwide tablet sales are selling sluggishly.

There was only a 3.9% growth in sales as compared to last year, suggesting that the entire tablet market may be reaching a point of stagnation. Read more »

Samsung’s tablets right behind the iPad

by 18 comments

IDC, a technology research firm, shows that the sales of Samsung’s line of tablets are catching up to the sales of the iPad.

Apple still controls the dominant market share, but IDC’s research shows that the Cupertino-based tech manufacturer isn’t growing. Samsung’s tablets, however, are displaying promising growth. Read more »

26% of users still rock XP

by 138 comments

More than 26% of all desktops are currently using Windows XP, an operating system that Microsoft has been trying to put out to pasture.

Windows 7 still holds the lion share at 48.77%, but it is still impressive that XP refuses to go out quietly, even after Microsoft has stopped supporting the OS with regular updates and bug fixes. Read more »

Oral B Smart Series toothbrush has an app for Brits

by 33 comments

There are apps for tracking progress for everything: from running performance, to how you shoot a basketball properly, to surfing, and now, you can add brushing your teeth to that list.

Oral B’s “Smart Series” toothbrush is an electric toothbrush with built-in bluetooth, and a mobile app to help track your teeth-cleaning progress. Read more »

Ubuntu for Android gets the axe

by 29 comments

The recent news of Canonical pulling the plug on Ubuntu for Android will probably only upset a few die-hard users.

Despite the cool concept of being able to use your smartphone as a fully functioning desktop OS once you put it in a docking station, Canonical has decided to halt development of the project. Read more »

Samsung boasts about S-Health and more in new ad spots

by 160 comments

Just because the Galaxy S5 has officially been released doesn’t mean that Samsung is going to stop talking about all the great features its latest flagship boasts.

In the Korean manufacturer’s latest series of advertisements, some of the Galaxy S5’s best new features are shown off. Read more »

Man makes Raspberry Pi phone for $150

by 25 comments

When the Raspberry Pi was released, hackers and tinkerers around the world rejoiced at all of the wonderful things they would be able to accomplish with the little $40 computer that could.

You can add create a working cell phone to the list of amazing feats that the Raspberry Pi is capable of. Read more »

Viber practically gives its user data away

by 31 comments

Are you a Viber user? Well you may want to be a little more careful about what you say over the popular smartphone messaging service.

New reports reveal that Viber actually gives up user data: both messages and phone calls. Read more »

Sailfish OS can now be ported to the Nexus 5

by 19 comments

So you want to try out Jolla’s mobile operating system, but don’t feel like it’s a practical decision to shell out a bunch of cash for an entirely new device?

Well there’s good news for you: it’s possible to port Sailfish to Android devices, as a video has surfaced on the internet showing a Nexus 5 rocking the mobile OS. Read more »

Free smartphone in Hyatt Regency hotels

by 22 comments

One of the most annoying aspects of traveling abroad is the disruption of your mobile communications. Popping out and changing sim cards, getting data plans, or, if you’ve got money to spare, dealing with egregious roaming charges. It all becomes frustrating after a while.

Well the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong have gone and done something novel: give their guests a smartphone during their stay with the hotel. Read more »

Lenovo’s ThinkPad 10 tablet leaks

by 42 comments

There have been murmurs of a new Lenovo tablet with a 10” display in the works for a while, and it looks like the rumors have finally been confirmed.

The Lenovo ThinkPad 10 was leaked online for a brief while by the company’s Australian branch. It was soon taken down, but not before the device’s specs were captured. Read more »

LG puts up a new image of their G Watch

by 33 comments

LG’s upcoming wearable, the G Watch has been circulating the internet and the Korean tech manufacturer decided to release something to whet our appetites: a new teaser picture.

As you can see above, the ad shows off the smartwatch’s water and dust resistance. Read more »