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NFL Now coming to Kindle Tablets and Roku

by 1 comments

Internet streaming services have been steadily changing the way people watch movies and TV shows. But what about Sports? If you want to catch the game, at least, in the US, you’ll have to resort to a television provider.

Well the NFL announced that they would be launching their own online viewing service, NFL now. The service won’t offer live game streams from the get go, but it will offer replays and other personalized fan experiences for users. The service will be available on Kindle tablets and Roku devices from the first day it is launched. Read more »

Samsung unveils Simband and SAMI health trackers

by 16 comments

Fitness tracking on mobile devices aren’t anything new. Manufacturers have found interesting ways for you to track your weight loss and exercise progress. The new Galaxy S5 even has a built-in heart rate monitor. But it looks like Samsung has upped the ante with its new Simband and SAMI platform.

In conjunction, SAMI and the Simband from Samsung provide a fairly comprehensive, real-time update of your health status; it’s almost like being hooked up to a health monitor at a hospital 24/7. Hit the jump and you’ll be surprised by just how granular the Korean-tech manufacturer has gotten and its plans for the Simband. Read more »

New chip lets your phone use any wireless charging station

by 5 comments

One of the biggest issues with wireless charging and why it hasn’t really caught on is that there are a few different mediums out there. So not all phones play nice with all technologies.

But Broadcom has put an end to that with their BCM59350 chip, which will let your smartphone work with any pre-existing wireless charging standard. Read more »

See what people think of the iPhone 6′s purported design

by 117 comments

There have been lots of rumors about the iPhone 6: the most notable being the smartphone’s 4.7”, sapphire-coated screen, and an all new body that’s more akin to the current generation iPod touch.

Someone decided to take these supposed design changes to the street (with a dummy unit) and see what the everyday person thinks about them. Read more »

Lower cost version of Windows 8.1 available…for a price

by 121 comments

There was some news a while back that Microsoft would be releasing two versions of Windows 8.1: a standard-priced one and another offered at a discount.

However, there were intimations that the cheaper version would come with some stipulations. It turns out there are, indeed some special conditions for anyone who wants to buy Windows 8.1 at a discount. Read more »

Now anyone can say, ‘OK Google.’

by 25 comments

Ever see Android users shouting “OK Google” into their phones, forcing their little Droid handsets to do their bidding via voice, and find yourself feeling left out?

Well there’s no need to be jealous any longer, because even if you don’t have an Android phone, you can still use google voice commands in Chrome. Read more »

Solar powered schools in Kenya, courtesy of Samsung

by 56 comments

Massive corporations are known to launch charitable initiatives (they are tax write offs, after all), and Samsung has decided to start an interesting one of their own.

This past Tuesday, May 20th, Samsung made their own charitable gesture by opening the first internet school in Kenya that runs entirely on solar energy. Read more »

Nokia posts the complete guide to using Cortana

by 83 comments

Voice assistants are now pretty much a staple of any major Smartphone OS.

Apple has its trademark Siri, Google has its Google Now service, and now Windows Phone has Cortana. Nokia has decided to list a complete guide on how to utilize the virtual assistant and post it online. Read more »

Galaxy S5 prime capable of 225 Mbps downloads?

by 114 comments

The rumor mill is churning again, and this time, it’s about some supposed download speeds of the Galaxy S5 prime.

Not only will the high-end version of Samsung’s latest flagship receive an upgraded chassis, but the handset should receive an under-the-hood performance boost as well. Read more »

No Windows 8 on Chinese Government PCs

by 90 comments

If you work in the Chinese government, then you’re forbidden from running Windows 8 on your work computer.

This has huge negative implications for Microsoft, as it severely inhibits the growth of their newest OS. Read more »

PS4′s streaming game service, Playstation Now, gets beta

by 59 comments

Sony’s Playstation Now streaming game service has been receiving praise from the few who have tried it, but most of us haven’t been able to test it out.

Until now. Sony has announced that the Beta for Playstation now will be dropping on May 20th, which is, yes, you read that right, tomorrow. Read more »

71% of all smartwatches are sold by Samsung

by 59 comments

Chances are if you own a Smartwatch, it’s probably a Samsung one.

That’s what the latest market research shows. Samsung is currently the top dog in the world of wearables. Read more »

AT&T purchases DirecTV for $48.5 billion

by 14 comments

When AT&T said that they wanted to get into the business of launching their own video content service, most thought that the phone service giant was going to release something akin to Netflix or Hulu.

But AT&T has done something much bigger: they’ve gone ahead and decided to purchase DirectTV for $48.5 billion. Hit the jump to learn more. Read more »

LG and Harman/Kardon team up for a Bluetooth Headset

by 26 comments

LG has collaborated with Harman/Kardon to bring you a Bluetooth headset that promises a premium listening experience: the LG Tone Infinim.

The device has the looks to match as well, hit the jump to learn more about this upcoming behind-the-neck headset. Read more »

Over $66K paid for a broken phone signed by Rihanna

by 75 comments

How much would you pay for a broken smartphone that was signed by Rihanna?

Well someone decided that it was worth $66,500. Hit the jump to see how a broken cell phone came to have Rihanna’s signature on it. Read more »