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Ubuntu for Android gets the axe

The recent news of Canonical pulling the plug on Ubuntu for Android will probably only upset a few die-hard users.

Despite the cool concept of being able to use your smartphone as a fully functioning desktop OS once you put it in a docking station, Canonical has decided to halt development of the project.

The plans to shut Ubuntu for Android down were found in a previously public bug report (it’s now hidden) which stated, “Ubuntu for Android is no longer in development.”

The demise of Ubuntu for Android doesn’t really come off as that big of a surprise: Canonical is currently working on its own mobile OS, and expending resources on a project that was more of a novel experience than one that was greatly used is definitely the smarter business move.

Still it does seem like a shame that such a novel and exciting prospect will be going the way of the Dodo. Being able to carry your phone with you and having a low cost, fully functioning Desktop computer with you wherever you went: being able to have a dock with a keyboard, Monitor, and an external hard drive set up was a really cool idea. Hopefully the Ubuntu for Android project will live on in the developer community.

Anybody sad to hear the news?

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