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Facebook announces Messages, promises to change the way we text forever

Today Facebook went live with its Messages service that promises to gather all your correspondence together. That includes email, Facebook messages, SMS and even some other IM clients. Sound like a real time-saver if you are using all those services.

While you are indeed getting a email address, Facebook Messages actually doesn’t quite try to replace your regular email provider. It lacks features like CC and BCC fields and groups all your correspondence with one person in one huge thread. What it tries to do instead is give you a speedier way of managing all your quick messages from a single hub.

By incorporating advanced message filtering and social inbox (that separates messages sent from your friends from the ones sent from, say, your internet provider) Facebook Messages will certainly appeal to the younger audience out there. I can’t quite see anyone giving away business cards with @facebook email on them, though.

At this stage Facebook Messages is invite-only but after some extra beta testing it should become publicly available. If you can’t wait that long you can apply for an invite here.



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