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SuperAMOLED Samsung Galaxy Tab makes a first public appearance, a 4.5-inch SWVGA display brought along

Samsung know they have something going with that SuperAMOLED technology of theirs and they are not hesitant to use it to their advantage. It appears that the next device to get a taste of those deep blacks and excellent sunlight legibility is the Galaxy Tab tablet. Samsung even showcased a working AMOLED Tab unit at the FPD International event.

Considering that the screen viewing angles were probably the only thing we held against the Galaxy Tab when we reviewed it, this is excellent news indeed. Of course demoing a prototype is not the same as releasing the actual product, but if Samsung are to only replace the screen that shouldn’t be too far away either.

Oh and some good news for the smartphones came along. Samsung are obviously preparing a new 4.5 inch AMOLED panel with WSVGA resolution (1024 x 600 pixels that is). It will certainly make for one huge cell phone but imagine the kind of picture quality we are talking about.

We guess we won’t be seeing too many of those SuperAMOLEDs before the new Samsung mobile display plant starts operating in July 2011.



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