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The Google Nexus S to swap the SuperAMOLED screen for a Super Clear LCD in the Russian market

Finally, the Nexus S has been officially unveiled. And according to Google it will feature a 4″ Super AMOLED display. However, it seems Google has different plans for some regions. The Nexus S devices sold in Russia (and possibly in some other regions, too) will have Super Clear LCD screens instead.

And if that isn’t mean enough, let me remind you that the unlocked Nexus S is starting selling across the US next week for some $529 (less than €400). Another week later, on 20 December, the device will make it to the UK where it will be priced at £550 (around €650). Talk about a price difference.

But getting back to the “Super Clear LCD” thing. Super Clear LCD sure sounds super funky, and, to be honest, the Super Clear LCD screens are better than traditional LCDs. But why compare losers with super losers? Super AMOLED displays are so much better than any LCD screen out there.

OK, I understand that Samsung just can’t manage to produce as many Super AMOLED displays as needed but I feel it’s only fair that Google should compensate the buyers of the Super-Clear-LCD-packing Nexuses by reducing the phone price.

It was Samsung Russia who broke the bad news. Google is still mum on the matter.



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