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Thunderbird 3 RC1 out now, tabbed browsing onboard

A few days ago Mozilla released the Thunderbird 3 RC1 for public use. There are numerous additions and improvements to the functionality and the user interface to this popular desktop email client, OS search integration is also included. The first and most important change to the Thunderbird UI however is the tabbed email browsing.

Thunderbird RC1 ready for download

Tabbed email browsing comes naturally as the most popular web browser have been using it for quite a while. And we really liked how it’s integrated in Thunderbird 3.

Clicking on a message will open it in a new tab, hitting the middle mouse button will do the same but in background, while closing the client will remember your opened emails. You can also close opened tabs with a middle click on their name.

Thunderbird 3 RC1 also has a new search tool and add-on manager, various design changes, improved address book and quick Gmail setup. Even better, Thunderbird 3 is compatible with the search engines of both Windows and Mac OS X and you can use those to search your mailbox.

I certainly did enjoy using Thunderbird 3 these past several days, but I just can’t get over not having “minimize to the tray” feature right out of the box without the need for third-party add-ons.

You can download the release candidate from here, while the full improvement log is right here.


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