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Samsung Unicorn Apocalypse is now a real game, but you probably don’t want to play it

Samsung released a few commercials over the last two months advertising the security environment of Galaxy S III, Note II and Note 10.1. Obviously those ads targeted the corporate clients, but they all have one thing in common – the mysterious Unicorn Apocalypse game.

As it turns out, the game is real and is now available for free in the Play Store.

I can’t tell you the compatible devices (none of the ones I tried worked), but looking at all those negative reviews I won’t even bother with more research. As it turns out the game was made by a third-party developer for a Samsung contest, but it’s full of bugs and glitches. It’s even incompatible with most of the Samsung devices (I couldn’t install it on a Galaxy S III).

Anyway, you can try it if you want, but don’t tell I didn’t warn you. Robot Unicorn Attack series are way better.

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