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Angry Birds Space and Cut the Rope updated with new free levels

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Good news for mobile gamers came today as two of the most popular smartphone and tablet titles, Angry Birds Space and Cut the Rope, got updated with new levels.

Angry Birds Space got a new chapter – Fry Me to the Moon. It contains 10 icy levels. The update also brings 20 space eagles for free plus you will get one free space eagle for each day you log into the game starting tomorrow. Read more »

Wazzap is an unofficial Whatsapp client for the Nokia N9 and N950, comes May 1

by 24 comments

The unofficial Whatsapp client for the Nokia N9/N950 that was developed by the strong Maemo community is now nearing its public debut.

Come May 1, an app called Wazzap will be made available for the Maemo-running N9 and N950, giving you the chance to get the Whatsapp experience on the abandoned platform. Read more »

Apple WWDC 2012 dates announced, all that is new on iOS and OS X will be unveiled on June 11

by 22 comments

Today Apple announced the dates for this year’s WWDC event. It will take place at San Francisco’s Moscone West between June 11-15.

Just don’t get your iPhone 5 hopes too high yet. Read more »

Google+ gets its own Share button, makes you wonder what to do with the +1

by 8 comments

Kind of unexpected, but not totally surprising either, Google has announced the launch of a dedicated Google+ Share button.

The new feature is aimed at users who just want to share content with their Google+ buddies, without publicly marking it with +1. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab in Korea gets the Value Pack upgrade

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Samsung’s first ever released tablet – the P1000 Galaxy Tab fell in the list of devices that won’t get Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades. Just like the Galaxy S though, the Galaxy Tab has a Value Pack upgrade on the way as compensation to the loyal users.

Well, the Korean galaxy Tab just got the Value Pack download. Read more »

Firefox 12 brings silent upgrades for Windows users

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In the time it took you to install Firefox 11, Mozilla has released Firefox 12 for Windows, OS X and Linux. As usual, it doesn’t bring a host of new features but there is one that makes the process of upgrading that much more painless, which is good considering how often Mozilla has started releasing new updates.

Firefox 12 brings the ability to silently upgrade in the background. What this means is that when a new update is available, the browser will automatically download it (configurable, of course) and then install the update without you ever knowing about it. You won’t even get the Windows UAC warning message asking for your permission to install it. This is exactly how Chrome has been updating itself all this time and it’s good to see this functionality carried over to Firefox as well. Read more »

Apple announces second quarter financial results

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Apple has announced its financial results for the fiscal second quarter of 2012 that ended in March 31, 2012. Their total revenue for this quarter was $39.2 billion and the quarterly net profit was $11.6 billion. In comparison, the figures were $24.7 billion and $6.0 billion respectively for the same quarter last year.

As usual, the iPhone did very well this quarter, with Apple selling 35.1 million of those, up by 88 percent compared to year-ago quarter. Sales were down compared to the first quarter, however, where Apple managed to sell 37.04 million iPhones, the reason for this being chalked down to the holiday season that boosted the sales in the previous quarter. Read more »

Cloud storage comparison: Google Drive vs. Dropbox vs. SugarSync vs. SkyDrive vs.

by 107 comments

The cloud storage market is now more crowded than ever and the latest player is no other than the mighty Google. Having just launched its Drive cloud storage service, Google is already aiming at the top spot in the business.

Not so fast, Google – things just don’t work this way. There’s plenty of services to choose from already, so Drive will have to outdo them all to gain victory. And to help you get a better idea of the new service starting position, we have put four of the biggest names in the game side by side in a neat table. Read more »

Google Drive is now official, offers 5GB of free cloud storage to everyone

by 12 comments

After being rumored for the better part of the last year, Google officially just announced its own cloud storage solution – Drive.

Google Drive gives you 5GB of storage the second you sign in to use the service. No questions asked. The interface is based on Google Docs and you can collaborate with other people on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The sharing and collaboration system is enhanced by comments, which you get notified for if they are new. Read more »

This might be the iPhone 5 home button

by 71 comments

TVC-Mall has a history of leaking spare parts for still unannounced Apple devices and today it might have spilled the beans on the next iPhone’s home button.

Until recently we could see two Home buttons (black and white) in the iPhone 5 Replacement Parts section. Unfortunately the listings are now gone. Read more »

Skype app will run even on lower-end Nokia 610 after all

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Just two days ago the Skype version for Windows Phone went gold, but early information had it that it won’t run on the lower-end WP devices, which only feature 256MB of RAM.

It turns out they were untrue though, and today Nokia officially confirmed Skype runs just fine on the Nokia 610. Read more »

Skype for PS Vita now available

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Skype is finally available on PS Vita. As promised earlier, Sony and Skype managed to seed the app to the PlayStation Store before the end of the month.

Skype for Vita is capable of everything a Skype app is supposed to do – IM, voice and video calling (over 3G or Wi-Fi), background mode, using Skype credit to call landlines and mobiles, etc. Read more »

Meizu M9, MX and MX quad-core getting Ice Cream Sandwich (Flyme OS 1.0) in June

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Good news for all Meizu users – the M9, MX and MX quad-core smartphones will be updated with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-based Flyme OS 1.0 this June.

If you are familiar with the Meizu smartphones you should probably know the Flyme OS is the heavily skinned Android ticking inside the phones. So the Flyme OS 1.0 is just a heavily skinned Android ICS. You can check out our Meizu MX review for more information. Read more »

Google’s latest interactive Doodle celebrates zipper creator’s birthday

by 4 comments

We all know what zippers are – or at least we should anyway.

But I bet most of you don’t know who was the inventor of the awesome thing and the fact that he was born on this day, 132 years ago. Read more »

Google Drive rumored to offer up to 100GB of storage, Google Docs gets updated to 5GB

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Couple of interesting cloud based storage news from Mountain View. Reuters is reporting that according to its sources, Google Drive service will allow the user to have up to 100GB of storage space. This will of course be a paid extra, with 5GB being made available by default.

Reuters is also saying that the service could be officially launched as soon as Tuesday, that is today. For those who are not aware, Google Drive is said to be Google’s answer to Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Apple’s iCloud service. Users will be able to upload their pictures, videos, documents, etc. all in one place, which will then be synced across different devices. Read more »