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Verizon’s Black Friday deals let you have HTC One or Galaxy S4 for just $100

Verizon is preparing for Black Friday, which is just in 10 days, on November 29, Friday. The biggest US carrier has a number of deals in line. For starters the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 have been slashed on that day from $149.99 to $99.99 on a two-year deal.

Tablets and Motorola DROIDs are also on the menu but as you might expect Verizon is requiring a contract with almost everything. Check inside for the full list.

The DROID RAZR HD will come free with a two-year deal, the DROID MAXX has a feature spot, despite its $199.99 price being the same as right now, the same goes for the DROID ULTRA with a price of $99.99 – these two might be featured with a different, lower, price come Friday, November 29.

Verizon Black Friday deals (click to Enlarge)

Verizon’s own Ellipsis 7 slate will be free and users will get (with a contract) $150 off any Samsung Galaxy slate. The Nokia Lumia 928 will be free on a deal as well. And then there are a number of accessories and misc gadgets on sale, which you can check out in the screenshots above.

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