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Angry Birds scores 500 million downloads, the game is played for 300 million minutes each day now

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The wildly popular Angry Birds mobile game has already achieved half a billion downloads across all the platforms, where it is available. The developers from Rovio boasted about their success and shared some pretty impressive numbers about their addicting title.

As it turns out Angry Birds fans around the world have so far played a total of 200,000 years of Angry Birds, with 300 million minutes of playing time daily. Moreover, more than 266 billion levels of Angry Birds have been played, with 400 billion birds launched into action, and over 44 billion Stars collected in the process.

It’s really an astonishing achievement and even more so if you think about how little time it took. And with the availability of the three Angry Birds games continuing to grow (most recently they made it to S40 and the newly announced Nokia Asha quartet) you shouldn’t expect to see a slowdown anytime soon.

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Sky Go on its way to Android, should arrive in the coming months

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Sky Go will finally be landing on Android, a company spokesperson confirmed. The online television service was only available for PC, Xbox and iOS so far, but the world’s most popular platform is about to join the list.

The company didn’t commit to a specific date, but it mentioned that the Android version “will be launching in the coming months,”. Previously, Read more »

Nokia Maps to hit all WP smartphones, voice navigation remaining a Lumia exclusive

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We’ve got some good news and some bad news to those of you owning or planning to purchase a Windows Phone smartphone without a Nokia logo on it. The good news is that the Finns will be making their Nokia Maps service available to all WP devices, no matter the manufacturer.

The bad news is that the voice-guided navigation will remain an exclusive feature of the Nokia Lumia lineup at least for the time being. The voice-guided navigation is available through a separate app (Nokia Drive) on Windows Phone, instead of being integrated into the Maps and that separate app won’t be making its way to the Windows Marketplace. Read more »

Google+ for Android updated with a new UI, better performance and lots of bugfixes

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The Android version of the Google+ app just got an update, bringing a redesigned UI, several new features and the usual for such releases batch of bugfixes. The latest version of Google+ is already available in the Android Market for most regions and as you can see it brings an Ice Cream Sandwich-inspired UI.

Along with the new looks, Google+ should bring improvements to battery life, better notifications, a sign out option and several more minor improvements like the option to add people to a circle from the circle profiles screen. Read more »

Microsoft keeps their end of the deal, issues Mango to 100% of eligible Windows Phone 7 users

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When Microsoft started rolling out the Mango update back in September they started out slow and promised to get it out to every device that is eligible for the Mango update.

Well today, they have achieved their target and Mango is now available on 100% of the eligible Windows Phone 7 devices around the world. Read more »

[Nokia World 2011] NFC Tag writer apps opens new horizons to everybody, watch how it works

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NFC is gaining more ground and here at Nokia World, we caught a glimpse of something quite intriguing – an NFC Tag writer application for Symbian.

It allows you to quickly transfer various information and even actions to a blank, writable NFC tag. Read more »

[Nokia World 2011] Here, have some Nokia Lumia 800 promo videos to go

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Nokia has just announced the Lumia 800 and 710 Windows Phone-based smartphones. As usual, Nokia has prepared extensive marketing materials on their new devices and video will obviously be an important part of the Lumia advertising campaign.

We are preparing our hands-on articles right now, meanwhile you may enjoy the first Lumia 800 ads. Read more »

Siri ported to the original iPad, doesn’t work properly just yet

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After Siri was successfully brought to the iPhone 4, now another talented developer managed to introduce Siri to a larger home, a jailbroken iPad 1.

Unfortunately, just like in the iPhone 4 case, Siri doesn’t feel quite at home on the iPad for now. Read more »

Siri gets ported to iPhone 4, gives you even fewer reasons to upgrade to the 4S

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If you’re an iPhone 4 user who was contemplating upgrading to the iPhone 4S after watching the impressive Siri demo then you might want to hold on to your current phone a little longer. Because as it turns out you can make Siri work on the iPhone 4, sort of.

The hack you see below was performed by developer Steven Troughton-Smith who has been working for 9to5Mac to get Siri working on the iPhone 4. This was accomplished by copying the iPhone 4S Siri and Springboard files on to the iPhone 4. Read more »

Siri would let anyone bypass your iPhone lockscreen passcode unless you tweak the settings

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The iPhone’s Voice Control feature is present for quite some time in the iOS. If you’ve ever used a passcode on your lockscreen for protection, you should be already familiar you should disable the Voice Dial from the settings otherwise everyone can call anyone he likes.

Well, enter the much more capable iPhone 4S Siri. Guess what, it would still work from your lockscreen by default even if you’ve set a passcode for your iPhone 4S. You can already imagine how someone who gets access to your locked phone can perform all these clever tasks you’ve seen on the demos like extract all sorts of info about you, your regime and they can even call whoever they like. Ouch! Read more »

The Ice Cream Sandwich statue settles into the Google’s backyard, shot with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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As all Android fans should be familiar by now, every Android release is marked with a beautiful mascot in the Google headquarters’ backyard. The Ice Cream Sandwich is also nearing its release (October 19, anyone?), so it makes sense we see its statue already standing among its siblings.

Following the tradition, Google has released a 30s. video dedicated to setting up the Ice Cream Sandwich statue. Here it is: Read more »

iOS 5 is officially available right now, go get some

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The title seems to say it all. If you didn’t try any of the beta releases of iOS 5 so far, then we guess you’re in for some serious upgrade tonight. The update brings lots of new features including the Notification center, the location-aware Reminders, iCloud and iMessage to the iOS compatible devices such as the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4, the iPod Touches (3rd and 4th gen) and of course, the two iPads.

For a fairly complete list of what’s new and our in-depth coverage, you are welcome to check out our iOS5 review while you wait for that download. Read more »

Find My Friends app now available in the Apple App Store

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The app Find My Friends that was announced a week ago at the Let’s Talk iPhone event, has just become available into the Apple App Store. It is free and compatible with both the iPhone/iPod and the iPad – given any of these run the latest iOS 5.

The app allows you to share your current location always with trusted friends or temporary with not-so-trusted ones. It works both ways – you can see your friends’ location too. Think Google LAtitude, but hopefully, less of a power hog. Read more »

iCloud open to public, still cannot be accessed

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Apple has finally opened its iCloud service to the public. Till now it was only available to those who had a developer accounts but now anyone with an Apple ID can log in. Having said that the service is still not usable.

The reason for that is it requires iOS 5 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and 10.7.2 update on the Mac before you can start using it and neither have been released yet. Read more »

Opera Mini 6.5 and Opera Mobile 11.5 hit Android

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Opera has just announced that it has released updated versions of its two Android-compatible mobile browsers. Opera Mini 6.5 and Opera Mobile 11.5 are already available for download in the Android market, allowing users to experience the latest goodies brought by the Norwegians.

The first change you will notice when you start the Opera Mini 6.5 or Opera Mobile 11.5 is the newly added screen, which shows you exactly how much data you have spent and saved using the two browsers. Read more »