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Vimeo finally lands on Android, Windows Phone and the Kindle Fire with their official mobile apps

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Vimeo, famed video-sharing site, popular among users for its array of user-generated original and consistently high quality content, have just released a number of mobile apps for both Windows Phone and Android devices, alongside the Kindle Fire.

the droid touches down on Vimeo video service

Previously mobile users of Vimeo only had access via means of an iOS device or a clunky unofficial iteration, but now it would appear that the love has indeed been shared more freely with a bumper release onto two app stores at the same time. Read more »

SugarSync gets automatic video-sync on Android, batch uploads on iOS

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The popular file syncing app SugarSync just got an update, which makes it even easier to keep the multimedia files on your computer and your smartphone/tablet synchronized. The update hit both the Android and iOS versions of the app, but the change logs for the two seem a bit different.

On iOS, the SugarSync version number jumped to 2.5 and it got batch uploads for multiple photos and videos. The rest of the changelog follows below: Read more »

Dead Space is now free on every Samsung Galaxy S II phone

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The Galaxy S II owners around the world rejoice – Dead Space is now free via Samsung’s proprietary store – Samsung Apps.

The promotion applies for every Galaxy S II phone – whatever the carrier, region, etc. Read more »

7 things I love about the N9, which I want to see elsewhere too [EDITORIAL]

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I’ve been using the Nokia N9 for a while now and I’m totally awed by the user experience. Now I regularly find myself swiping other touch phones with the intention of dismissing program screens and whatnot. Yeah, I’m surprised at myself too. I’m an old dog that doesn’t like to learn new tricks but this whole swiping thing on MeeGo, it totally got me. Yes, the Nokia N9 grew on me. Big time.

It’s really a sad thing that the N9 might just be the last MeeGo handset and that it comes with this OS that hardly has any developers appeal or even future. If you are not happy about the available out-of-the-box apps on the N9, you can safely call it a day. There’s no “eventually” in the possibility of getting a wider variety. And although Nokia has worked hard to deliver the modern-day basics such as Facebook, Skype and Angry Birds (who plays that anymore?), there are still apps that I do miss from iOS and Android. But I digress. Read more »

Nokia Car Mode now available for download, gives you the in-car comfort you’ve always wanted

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Nokia has just announced that its car mode app for Belle-running smartphones is now available for download. The software that makes your smartphone much easier to operate while you are driving has hit the Nokia Store and you can now download it directly from your Belle smartphone.

The Nokia software engineers have created two versions of the app. The first of them is called Nokia Car Mode and offers Nokia‚Äôs leading turn-by-turn navigation, as well as the overall smartphone experience into the car environment, while also bringing Nokia Drive, traffic updates, Nokia Music and voice calls while driving. This one is free to download. Read more »

Angry Birds making its way to to bada OS for free – only for Wave III for now

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The Angry Birds game is among the most popular, if not the most popular, games in the smartphone gaming atmosphere. It’s available on iOS, Android, WebOS, Symbian, PC and now Bada OS.

The addition has been made today and the game is free to download on Wave S8600 3.That’s the only Bada phone currently supported but the requirement is to have Bada 2.0 preinstalled so we guess that other Wave devices will follow suit. Read more »

Want to use Android apps on your BlackBerry PlayBook right now? Try rooting it first.

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RIM promised compatibility with the Android apps for the PlayBook with the upcoming OS 2 update but that won’t be coming before February. So what do you do if you want to, say, use Google+ on your PlayBook right now? The answer is, root it. has gone through the trouble of making an extensive guide that will help you root your PlayBook so you can run Android Market on it and thereby, have access to the Android Apps within. Read more »

Apple reportedly holding a New York-based non-hardware event at the end of the month

by 37 comments

It has been sudo-confirmed by a number of sources close to the situation that Apple will be holding a media event at the end of January in the big Apple.

It’s unlikely that an iPad version will make its way to the masses so early and the event will not include any iTVs or any kind of hardware at all, which leaves software – most likely iBooks, iAds and the likes. Read more »

Porsche Design’s BlackBerry P9981 theme gets ported to Bold Touch 9900/9930

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The Porsche Design BlackBerry P9981 just got a tad less exclusive, people. The specially designed theme for the ultra BlackBerry has been successfully ported to the Bold Touch 9900/9930.

This is hardly a surprise, given the fact that Read more »

Apple’s latest iOS patent application aims at face unlock

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Another day, another patent to talk about, folks. Apple has applied for a fresh new iOS patent at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This time, it involves face unlock and presence detection.

In case this function rings a bell Read more »

CMC Compiler lets you create a CyanogenMod ROM of your own

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One of the best parts of an open system like Android is that you can modify it and tweak it as much as you like until you finally end up with something perfectly tailored for your needs (or brick your device). And if you have already tried all those custom ROMs that someone else created and found joy in none of them we have some good news for you.

Thanks to lithid-cm from the XDA developers’ forum you can now create a customized CyanogenMod ROM yourself. It’s all using command line interfaces and it’s not pretty, but it’s fairly effective, despite its alpha status. Read more »

Zephyr is $2.99 tweak that lets you have MeeGo-like gestures on iOS

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The MeeGo way of handling multiple applications is so cool that it was always a matter of time before it found its way to other platforms. And iOS users are the first lucky ones who get to try it, thanks to a tweak created by the popular developer chpwn.

The tweak called Zephyr lets you manage apps by pushing them away from the screen, just like you would on a Nokia N9. And the smoothness is all there too. Read more »

Nokia Link for N9 updated, plays nice with Vista and XP

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Nokia just announced that a second beta version of its Nokia Link software is now available for download. The app that lets you sync the multimedia files on your Nokia N9 with your computer is now compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP in addition to the previously supported Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

You are also now able to copy mobile content to and from smart playlists in iTunes and Windows Media Player. Plus, the Nokia software developers claim to have streamlined the process of deleting files from the smartphone. Read more »

Gameloft will sell all its Android games for just $0.99 each starting tomorrow evening (promotion ends on January 5)

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Android has really gotten into the holiday spirit – first Google sold some apps for $0.10 for 10 days straight, then GetJar offers 100 apps for free and now Gameloft announced it’s planning to offer all games in its catalog for $0.99 each.

The promotion will include all games (last time it was just 4) and will last from 10PM Pacific time on December 29 to 10AM on January 5. Read more »

iOS 5.0.1 gets untethered jailbreak, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S not compatible

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Most of the iOS devices are finally going to stay jailbroken with the new untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1. It works on every iOS 5-compatible gadgets but the A5-based ones (the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S).

The exploit was discovered by pod2g and is now implemented into the latest redsn0w and PwnageTool. Read more »