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iOS 5 word suggestion pops out of registry hack, no jailbreak required

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iOS 5 has been around for some time now, in beta form, but now that it’s official hackers are hard at work revealing its secrets to the eager public. This time it’s an automatic native word suggesting feature, which displays words above the keyboard while you’re typing. The “Go” has been replaced by “Confirm” so that you can confirm the selected word suggestion and move on with your typing.

The feature can be enabled fairly easy and doesn’t require a jailbreak, which is welcome news for many non-jailbreak enthusiasts. It’s reportedly been tested on the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 but should become available to all iOS 5-certified phones. Read more »

Adobe stops development on Flash Player for mobile browsers, focuses on HTML5

by 142 comments

In a move that is surely going to take Flash fanatics by surprise, Adobe will be halting development on Flash Player for mobile browsers. This information comes courtesy of ZDNet who got their hands on an upcoming announcement from Adobe that details this move.

The yet-to-be-official announcement from Adobe is as follows. Read more »

Developer demonstrates security flaw in iOS with an app, gets kicked from the developer program

by 38 comments

Yesterday, Charlie Miller released a video about an app that exploited a flaw in Apple’s code-signing on iOS devices, that allowed his app to run malicious code to run on an iOS device. The app was actually submitted to Apple under the guise of a stock market app and managed to get through their vetting process.

When Apple learned of the real purpose of this app, they immediately pulled it from the App Store and later also removed Miller from the iOS developer program. Can’t say this was unexpected as Miller clearly violated Apple’s policies. Read more »

iOS 5 camera has a hidden panorama mode, can be unlocked if you are a developer

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Apple demonstrated a lot of new features in the iOS 5 camera application in their recent events but they missed out on one: panorama mode. That’s because this option is not available to users and has to be unlocked manually.

To unlock this feature, you first need to have a developer account. According to the developer who found it, you will first need to locate on your device. Read more »

Mozilla spills some details on its upcoming mobile OS

by 50 comments

It’s no secret that Mozilla has been working on a mobile OS since the summer, but now the developers have actually something real to talk about and not just plans.

The web based operating system will carry the name Boot 2 Gecko and you can see early sketches of parts of the interface. Currently, Mozilla devs are testing proprietary, single-vendor stacks with new APIs for camera, SMS and telephone capabilties and more being built. Read more »

The Android Market finally getting PayPal Checkout?

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It appears that the Android Market is going to grow another checkout option. The PayPal support that we’ve been hearing about for quite some time now is finally going to land in Android’s official app repository.

The evidence for this was found in the source code of the latest Android Market app, which repeatedly mentions PayPal. And if the code is already there we guess Google will be putting it to use quite soon. Read more »

Google releases official Gmail app for iOS, pulls it quickly due to notifications bug

by 8 comments

After a long time of waiting, iOS users who also happen to be fans of Gmail got an official app from Google. This meant that they no longer had to use the less than stellar built-in Mail app anymore for Gmail.

The app came with a number of features but the most important one of them was push notifications. Unfortunately, Google screwed the pooch on this key feature, which resulted in them pulling the app from the App Store within hours of the app going live. Read more »

Apple releases GarageBand for iPhone and iPod touch, makes it a universal app

by 10 comments

After making its way to the iPad from the Mac, GaregaBand is now coming to an even smaller screens, those of the iPhone and iPod touch. GarageBand for the iPhone and iPod touch is basically the same app found on the iPad so you get the same set of features but on a smaller screen.

The app is now universal, which means if you already have an iPad version you can download it on your iPhone or iPod touch for free. Or you can download it for the first time for $4.99. The app is available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the third and fourth generation iPod touch, running iOS 4.3 or later. Read more »

Opera Mini 6.5 now available on iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian, Opera Mobile 11.5 hits Symbian, too

by 11 comments

Opera Software has just announced that it’s expanding the availability of the latest versions of its two mobile browsers. Opera Mini 6.5 is now officially available for iOS (both iPhone and iPad), BlackBerry and Symbian as well as Java-enabled phones.

Symbian users are also getting the latest, 11.5, version of the Opera Mini bigger brother, Opera Mobile. As you probably know, the two new Opera browsers are also available on Android, so now they have cover the five most popular platforms worldwid. Read more »

Angry Birds scores 500 million downloads, the game is played for 300 million minutes each day now

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The wildly popular Angry Birds mobile game has already achieved half a billion downloads across all the platforms, where it is available. The developers from Rovio boasted about their success and shared some pretty impressive numbers about their addicting title.

As it turns out Angry Birds fans around the world have so far played a total of 200,000 years of Angry Birds, with 300 million minutes of playing time daily. Moreover, more than 266 billion levels of Angry Birds have been played, with 400 billion birds launched into action, and over 44 billion Stars collected in the process.

It’s really an astonishing achievement and even more so if you think about how little time it took. And with the availability of the three Angry Birds games continuing to grow (most recently they made it to S40 and the newly announced Nokia Asha quartet) you shouldn’t expect to see a slowdown anytime soon.

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Sky Go on its way to Android, should arrive in the coming months

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Sky Go will finally be landing on Android, a company spokesperson confirmed. The online television service was only available for PC, Xbox and iOS so far, but the world’s most popular platform is about to join the list.

The company didn’t commit to a specific date, but it mentioned that the Android version “will be launching in the coming months,”. Previously, Read more »

Nokia Maps to hit all WP smartphones, voice navigation remaining a Lumia exclusive

by 37 comments

We’ve got some good news and some bad news to those of you owning or planning to purchase a Windows Phone smartphone without a Nokia logo on it. The good news is that the Finns will be making their Nokia Maps service available to all WP devices, no matter the manufacturer.

The bad news is that the voice-guided navigation will remain an exclusive feature of the Nokia Lumia lineup at least for the time being. The voice-guided navigation is available through a separate app (Nokia Drive) on Windows Phone, instead of being integrated into the Maps and that separate app won’t be making its way to the Windows Marketplace. Read more »

Google+ for Android updated with a new UI, better performance and lots of bugfixes

by 19 comments

The Android version of the Google+ app just got an update, bringing a redesigned UI, several new features and the usual for such releases batch of bugfixes. The latest version of Google+ is already available in the Android Market for most regions and as you can see it brings an Ice Cream Sandwich-inspired UI.

Along with the new looks, Google+ should bring improvements to battery life, better notifications, a sign out option and several more minor improvements like the option to add people to a circle from the circle profiles screen. Read more »

Microsoft keeps their end of the deal, issues Mango to 100% of eligible Windows Phone 7 users

by 47 comments

When Microsoft started rolling out the Mango update back in September they started out slow and promised to get it out to every device that is eligible for the Mango update.

Well today, they have achieved their target and Mango is now available on 100% of the eligible Windows Phone 7 devices around the world. Read more »

[Nokia World 2011] NFC Tag writer apps opens new horizons to everybody, watch how it works

by 14 comments

NFC is gaining more ground and here at Nokia World, we caught a glimpse of something quite intriguing – an NFC Tag writer application for Symbian.

It allows you to quickly transfer various information and even actions to a blank, writable NFC tag. Read more »