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Twitter for Android updated, gets push notification and multiple accounts support

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They took their sweet time with it but Twitter has finally updated the Android version of their mobile app to include two of the most requested features; push notifications and multiple accounts.

As the name suggests, push notifications gives you updates about your @mentions, direct messages and tweets instantly without you having to manually refresh or set an automatic refresh duration. Having personally tested this feature I can say it works as advertised. Read more »

BlackBerry App World scores 1 billion downloads, should be looking to increase the pace

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The place to get Blackberry apps, the App World, has just rounded off its first full billion of downloads. It took the BlackBerry app repository a little over two years to achieve this feat. Of course, the download rate is speeding up and if the current download rate (3 million per day) is retained, the next billion should come in less than half that time.

However, impressive as those numbers might sound in isolation, they aren’t quite as good as those of some other app stores out there. Read more »

Nokia sums up the best about the Anna update in a cool two-and-half minute video

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The Anna update brings quite a lot of changes to the Symbian platform and Nokia is obviously worried that some of them might go unnoticed by the users. That’s why the company has released yet another video demonstrating the latest version of their mobile OS.

We are expecting Nokia to start seeding Symbian Anna to eligible devices towards the end of August so now looks like a good time for a refresher course. Check out the video so you can see the new interface and some of the most important apps in action. Read more »

Google teases new photo sharing service, Photovine, with a warm and fuzzy video [VIDEO]

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Google continues its offensive on the social networking world with a new photo sharing service called Photovine. Today they’ve released a quick teaser video (it used to be just a two line description and a mockup image), which gives us a basic idea of what the service will be about.

The tagline of Photovine is “Plant a photo, watch it grow” – basically, you post a photo with a two or three word description. Then other people send back photo requests of their own on that topic. Read more »

Android 3.2 Honeycomb GPL source code released, first updates start rolling

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Android Honeycomb didn’t have the best of starts in terms of performance, but Google is obviously dead set on fixing the issues as quickly as possible. The company already released the 3.1 update, which was a nice step forward and now, just five months after the XOOM was announced, we are getting a second Honeycomb update.

The update, which pushes the Android version number to 3.2, is already being seeded to Wi-Fi-only XOOM units. In addition to bringing further performance improvements and bugfixes the HTJ85B release brings the long-awaited SD card support. It will also allow apps that aren’t designed for the high-res Android tablet screens to be zoomed to fill the entire screen. Read more »

iOS 5 beta 3 brings a new Assistive Touch onscreen panel to help you with the gestures

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We already told you the iOS 5 beta 3 was just released last night and I already updated my iPhone 4. One of the most notable new features in this release is the new on-screen menu that can do the job both of the hardware Home button and that of the regular touch gestures. It’s been devised for people who can’t execute all iOS gestures properly for some reason and it’s first of its kind on a mobile phone for sure.

The new feature is an upgrade to the previously available option into the Accessibility Menu – Assistive Touch. Activate the feature in the iOS 5 beta 3 and you get a new on-screen key that stays available throughout the UI, even on the lockscreen and in games. It’s shaped as a homescreen icon and offers a few useful menus.

Read more »

Nokia unveils the Live View augmented reality app for its Symbian lineup

by 507 comments

Nokia is really going hard into the augmented reality game. Just last week they unveiled their Nokia 3D World Gaze app and now we are getting a public beta of Nokia Live View.

The Nokia Live View certainly seems like the more useful of the two augmented reality browsers. Unlike the 3D World Gaze, which focused only on giving you information about the world around you, Live View also lets you interact with it. Read more »

Ballmer admits Windows Phone 7 is still struggling to make an impact, expects better times to come

by 41 comments

Microsoft’s CEO took the stage during the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference, which is held this week in Los Angeles, and revealed some interesting bits about the company’s mobile platform. Steve Ballmer admitted that Windows Phone 7 hasn’t been particularly successful yet and in a year its market share has gone “from very small to… very small”.

And while those are hardly the words Microsoft partners were hoping to hear, Ballmer remains optimistic about WP7′s prospects. Expectations are that more users and developers will be drawn to the platform in the years to come and it will be able to compete with the Android and iOS behemoths. Read more »

Apple releases iOS 5 beta 3, minor changes galore

by 445 comments

Apple has released the third beta of the iOS 5 for developers. Along with performance update and bug fixes, this new update also adds a lot of minor changes across the OS.

For starters, you now have the option to enable or disable location services while setting up the phone. You also have more options to choose from for enabling or disabling location services. There is an option of disabling voice roaming now along with data. Read more »

CyanogenMod 7.1 to bring screenshot ability to Android, release candidate already out

by 21 comments

Taking a screenshot on Android continues to be a massive pain in the posterior. After three years and five versions Google still hasn’t incorporated this feature in the OS. And if that wasn’t bad enough there is no solution in the form of a third-party app on the Android Market, at least not without rooting your phone first. If you don’t want to root your only other option is using the Android SDK on your PC.

CyanogenMod has announced that they will be adding the ability to take native screenshots by long-pressing the power button in v7.1. It also brings back touch-to-focus on HTC phones. The v7.1.0 RC1 is currently available for you to try and has been deemed stable enough for daily use. Read more »

People outside the US can use the Google+ Android app by grabbing this APK file

by 25 comments

While there were plenty of people charging to get into Google+, only US users get to try the Android app. Not any more – you can download the APK file and install it manually, regardless of where you roll.

You will need a Google+ account for that and most people report that the loophole, which allowed many to sneak in despite not having invites, has been closed. Read more »

Verizon issues software update to Thunderbolt, removes free mobile hotspot functionality

by 1,039 comments

HTC Thunderbolt users on Verizon are being treated to a new software update, v1.70.605.0. Unfortunately, this won’t update the phone to Gingerbread but brings with it some nice new features as well as fixes some issues with the current firmware.

For starters it reduces the number of power cycles and resets on the phone. There is also an improvement in data connectivity. Apart from that you get enhanced call history view, tabbed layout in application menu, people search function, Backup Assistant, Desktop cradle app and the addition of NY Times as a bookmark in the browser. Read more »

Garmin StreetPilot now available for Windows Phone 7, priced at $39.99

by 17 comments

So far there has been a lack of a good turn-by-turn navigation software for the Windows Phone 7 platform. So to address this issue, Garmin has stepped in and released their StreetPilot app on the Windows Marketplace.

The app costs a hefty $39.99 but comes with a host of features such as the aforementioned voice prompted, turn-by-turn navigation, real time traffic updates, integrated local search, lane assist with junction view, current weather with forecast, etc. Read more »

Nokia’s Maps app gets a major update, live traffic updates inside

by 31 comments

Nokia has updated its Maps app today to version 3.08. It brings both visual and functional improvements that will be appreciated a lot from the people using it on a regular basis.

Maps 3.08 comes with improved design and new dashboard for Drive guidance and assistance. The settings have also been reorganized and shortcuts for easy switch between the different metric systems have been added on the screen. Read more »

Swype beta lands on the iPhone, gives you one more reason to jailbreak

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The ultra-popular Swype text input method has finally landed on iOS. An early beta of the alternative keyboard is already being seeding to iPhones around the globe. So if you want to try some of its predictive magic, now is your chance.

Of course, being still in the beta stages of its development, the Swype app is far from a finished affair. The blue line tracing your swipes isn’t available just yet and it only works with the stock iOS apps. Read more »