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Nokia Beta Labs updates Sleeping Screen app, lets you free up some storage on C:

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The Nokia Sleeping Screen app got updated with a few nice changes. The app adds images, notifications, charging indicators and more to the AMOLED screen of a sleeping Symbian phone.

The updated app can be installed on any internal storage (including the Mass memory) and user-created images are compressed to reduce the app’s footprint. Read more »

Symbian Belle firmware for Nokia N8 leaks, you can flash it if you dare

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Symbian Belle will debut with the Nokia 600, 700 and 701 trio, but the older Symbians should be getting it soon after that. Yet if you are knowledgeable and brave enough to flash your smartphone with a custom ROM, Belle has been available for a few weeks now. And now there’s a newer ROM for the Nokia N8 available that should be much closer to the final deal.

Still, as with all software that isn’t fully finalized, there’s a risk of trouble (some bugs at the least), but Nokia’s Head of Social Media, Mark Squires, has already installed Belle on his N8. Read more »

BlackBerry App World 3.0 officially launches, promises the best experience yet

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Today, BlackBerry’s App World 3.0 finally officially launched, with a fresh UI, improved channels for finding new apps, better handling of your BBID and account info, a more social App World experience and more. So let’s take a quick look.

What's new in BB App World 3.0

We originally caught site of BlackBerry’s App World 3.0 a month ago, almost to the day. Back then we looked at the revamped UI, the new channels and navigation and basically everything that it had to offer. Read more »

Shots emerge of the HTC Flyer running Honeycomb, we can nearly taste it

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After the recent leak of an RUU (ROM update utility), was found to contain an early beta build of Android 3.2 Honeycomb destined for the HTC Flyer, hacking masters including Paul O’Brien from MoDaCo, set about making it into a usable ROM for users with rooted devices to try out.

HTC Flyer running Honeycomb

One such user from the XDA forums has provided screenshots to the internets of this Honeycomb ROM running on their 32GB 3G HTC Flyer. Read more »

iSWiFTER lets you play Flash games on your iPad, like a boss

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One complaint that is always made about the iPad (and iOS devices in general) is the lack of Flash support. But after Apple loosened the restrictions on the App Store guidelines, we started seeing browsers that would let you play Flash videos on the iPad. However, Flash-based games, such as ones found on Facebook, were still a no go.

Not anymore though. iSWiFTER lets you play all those Flash games that you love on the iPad. Whether it is Facebook, Google+ or any other site that offers Flash-based games, you can now play them on the iPad through this nifty little browser. Of course, you can also view other Flash content in iSWiFTER, such as videos. Read more »

HTC Sense 3.5 gets unofficially ported to the company’s own Desire HD

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When we got our first glimpse of HTC Sense 3.5 a few days ago, we couldn’t help but wonder if the latest HTC UI will be made available to the older droids, offered by the Taiwanese company. Today, we have an answer to this question, albeit an unofficial one.

The screenshots which you are seeing above, Read more »

Google does a “fall spring clean”, axes a bunch of its projects

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Google announced that it will be performing some optimization of its business, shutting down ten of its minor projects. The company says it’s done in order to streamline and simplify the user experience as most of these are already integrated in its other services.

Here comes the list, along with the reasoning, as provided by the Big G itself: Read more »

Neat freaks rejoice, Samsung’s Pure Breeze UI for Android is available to try now

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Samsung have just developed and released their Pure Breeze UI. An Android based UI that has a focus on widget organization and app management.

Samsung Pure Breeze UI Banner

The first thing you notice is the inverted take on the typical Android interface. Read more »

EA Mobile offers great discounts on 49 iOS games for Labour day

by 3 comments

The developer of some of the finest mobile games, EA Mobile, has announced a huge Labour day sale, offering a nice number of its titles at reduced prices in the iOS App Store. With discounts of up to 80% 20 iPhone and iPod games are now available for just a cent under $1, while 29 of the iPad titles are going for $1.99.

There will also be discounts on in-game purchases for three iPhone-only games – Surviving High School, Cause of Death and Ghost harvest. Read more »

Angry Birds Seasons Mooncake Festival update now available for iOS devices

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Angry Birds Seasons has just got another update called Mooncake Festival. It brings more than 33 Chinese-themed levels, this time all available to play at launch.

There are also 8 hidden pieces of mooncake unlocking a bonus level, plus another bonus one when you complete all the levels with three stars. Read more »

Apple release iOS 5 beta 7 – bug fixes galore

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It’s that time of the month again when Apple release the latest beta for iOS 5 to devs. Much like before, it’s been less than two weeks since the last beta came out for the masses. This time it’s beta 7 and the changelog is quite long.

The latest beta brings bug fixes and improvements – though Apple don’t share anything specific. Read more »

Dolphin browser now on iPhone – lacks Flash though

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The Dolphin browser is among the most popular mobile browsers out there and now it’s available on the iPhone. If offers a special finger-drawn gestures feature so that you can easily and quickly go to a specified page (your blog, Google, Facebook, etc.), scroll up or down, and more.

The gesture system offers you preset gestures (hand-drawn – like letters, numbers, symbols, etc.) or you can opt to create custom ones. Creating your own custom gestures, however, is a bit dodgy as the browser mistakes what you’re drawing to be something only remotely similar to it and would make you erase the preset, instead of creating a new gesture. Read more »

Android 3.2 Honeycomb SDK now released, new APIs now available to developers

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Google has just announced that the latest version of the Android SDK in now available to developers. Classified as a minor feature update, the new Android SDK brings, as usual, a new set of APIs that should allow developers to create better apps that are compatible with a wider range of devices.

The focus of the SDK update is mainly on making compatibility with different screen sizes and resolutions easier. Previously Android 3.2 was said to be the Honeycomb version best suited to 7″ tablets and now you can see why – it’s just that it will be much easier for developers to make apps that are better suited for such tabs. Read more »

SPB Shell 3D released for Symbian ^3 and Anna phones

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The popular mobile software developers from SPB Software have released a Symbian^3 compatible-version of their SPB Shell 3D user interface. The customization package is available immediately through the company website, so everyone with a Symbian^3 device and $15 to spare can get a taste of it.


The SPB Shell 3D UI brings a complete overhaul of the user interface of the smartphone that solves most of the usability issues (illogical menu navigation, one click-two click inconsistency etc.) and adds some welcome eye-candy to the mix. And while the pricing might seem a bit steep at first, it’s probably worth it as it comes as a novel facelift to the widely criticized for their usability Symbian smartphones. Read more »

Mozilla is working on a Firefox for Honeycomb tablets, here’s what they’ve done so far

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The Mozilla team is actively working on their Android offering and one of them took the time to show off their latest work – Firefox for Android Honeycomb tablets. The changes affect the UI, making it more Honeycomb-like and more suitable for big screens.

The theme is the first thing that changes – it’s cleaner, so it fits better with the Honeycomb style, which differs quite a bit from the non-tablet versions of the OS. The distinctive Firefox elements have been preserved however (like the tabs, the big back button, etc.). Read more »