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The new iPhone V4 gossip roundup, wishes and rumors united

I just stumbled upon a pretty nice roundup of all rumors about what the next iPhone could be. As you may have heard Apple prepares a big event on 27th January and most of the rumors point they will announce the first Apple Tablet (most probably named iSlate or iPad or iTablet) along with possibly the fourth generation iPhone OS. The announcement of the 4th generation iPhone is still way ahead in the future (possibly summer as usual), but that doesn’t mean there already isn’t a good pile of rumored features and specs.

Gizmodo have a nice summary of all the latest rumors about the iPhone v4 in one place along with their probability percentage. Here are some of the main points:

  • The fourth generation iPhones will most probably pack an ARM Cortex-A9 processor with a clock around 1GHz (though I wouldn’t be surprised if it uses the same hardware as 3GS).
  • The storage will probably be doubled again and the fourth gen iPhone will most probably pack 16, 32 and 64 GB storage options.
  • Camera will go up to 5 megapixel for sure, but the LED flash is not so certain.
  • There is a high probability we’ll see a brand-new AMOLED capacitive display on the new Apple device, but don’t expect a bump in the resolution, at least not in 2010.

The stuff that is on the user’s wishlist but is quite unlikely to appear is a stylus, a removable battery, a glowing Apple logo, new design, 4G network support, a videocall camera or touch-sensitive casing. A CDMA version is also rumored with chances being about 50/50.


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