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Apple iPad 2 is not all sunshine and roses, doesn’t stop online availability from dwindling away

The iPad 2 has officially hit the shelves yesterday. You’d probably want to know that if you weren’t among the guys and gals who queued in front of the Apple Stores at launch you might be left in the dry for some time. If you try to order the slate through the Apple website now you will have to wait between two and three weeks for it to ship. And that’s regardless of the version you want.

Another news is that some of the early users found some defects plaguing the iPad 2.

According to this poll at Engadget quite a lot of users are noticing some serious yellow bleeding of the iPad 2 LCD backlight.

You can check out how severe it is on this video:

Besides the bleeding issues, some users are noticing yellow spots on their screens, just like the ones witnessed on the first batch of iPhone 4 Retina display, but those vanished on their own the last time round.

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