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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 hits the US, Vodafone UK replaces the 10.1v with the slimmer 10.1

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Samsung’s Honeycomb-based Galaxy Tab 10.1 premieres at the Best Buy store in New York today.

The Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab 10.1 can be yours for $499(16GB) or $599(32GB) but only today in the Best Buy’s Union Street store in New York. The regular availability will launch nationwide on 17 June. Read more »

Angry Birds Rio gets the Carnival update before the original title gets new episode, we have a video

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Angry Birds Rio will soon receive an update to bring fans its newest episode – The Rio Carnival. It’s already available at the iTunes App Store for iOS and will soon be online at the Amazon Appstore for Android.

The new episode takes place at the carnival in Rio (which you should remember if you’ve seen the Rio movie). Read more »

The BlackBerry PlayBook gets a pretty comprehensive update, still lacks mail though

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RIM have today issued the v1.0.5 update for their Tablet OS, which last time I checked covered the BlackBerry PlayBook and not much else. What the update brings is a host of welcome additions to PlayBook users and the screens below should give you a brief idea of how this affects the user experience.

new and improved Facebook app

For starters, the PlayBook friendly Facebook application now comes included in the update and within it you can now upload videos and delete messages alongside the fact that enhancements have been made to Facebook Search, Pages and the News Feed. Read more »

Death grip strikes again, HTC Sensation falls victim when you hold it wrong [WE TEST]

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Death grip is a sensitive topic, but I’m afraid we’ll have to stir it again. The HTC Sensation barely entered our office and we’re already trying to strangle the (wireless) life out of it. The problem is two-fold – the Wi-Fi antenna and the cell antenna – they both get attenuated when you hold the phone in what you may call a natural way.

The two antennas are positioned on both ends of the phone – the cell antenna is at the bottom and the Wi-Fi antenna is at the top. Cover them with your cupped hands while holding the phone naturally in landscape position and you will see the signal degrade. But don’t just take our word for it, we have it shot on video. Read more »

Here’s what Apple failed to deliver to this year’s WWDC announcement [EDITORIAL]

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Yesterday was the kickoff of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference for 2011. As you can imagine, we were all anticipating the changes this year’s keynote will bring for weeks before it actually took place. We even had a small poll going on whether or not there will be a new iPhone announcement even though rumors suggested there won’t be any.

Probably spoiled by Apple’s way of bringing new and innovative ideas to the table each year, I was hoping for something revolutionary, something that would rock my iOS-loving, iPhone-hugging world. Sadly all I saw were minor changes, most of which were already available one way or another. Read more »

Acer refreshes the Aspire TimelineX line-up of portable laptops, Sandy Bridge ahead [SPECS TABLE]

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Acer today announced it is launching three refreshed notetbooks from the TimelineX series. The new 3830T, 4830T, and 5830T have a somewhat refreshed look and feel and still look as sleek as before.

Under the hood, some necessary changes have been made, namely the replacement of the old generation Intel Core processors with the new Sandy Bridge ones. Read more »

5 new and cool features the iPad is getting with the upcoming iOS 5

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Many new things were announced at this years’ WWDC in San Francisco ranging from the upcoming iOS 5, through the refreshing Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” and all the way to the brand new iCloud service. While not everything that was presented today is as revolutionary and “magical” as we hoped for, there are still interesting new features that the new iDevices are getting.

We already covered the new iOS 5 features so now we are going to focus on the top 5 most interesting and cool features the iPads will get from the latest iOS iteration, which will come in the Fall. Read more »

Why is Apple giving Facebook the cold shoulder in iOS 5?

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Does Apple have a genuine beef with social networking giant Facebook or is it just irreconcilable differences? The lack of a proper Facebook integration in iOS is prompting a lot of questions – especially now that we see Twitter embedded in and out. Apple execs also seem to go out of their way to keep Facebook out of the conversation.

Rumor has it, Apple and Facebook supposedly had some talks about involving Facebook into Apple’s own music social network attempt – Ping. Sadly we’ve seen no progress so far. Steve Jobs had a comment for those fruitless talks, saying that Facebook had “onerous terms”, to which Apple couldn’t agree on. Read more »

Watch Apple’s iOS 5 promo video – the main features in focus, the Apple way

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Well in typical Cupertino fashion the new promo video is out for the premiere features in the latest iOS version – 5. The seats at the WWDC keynote hall are still warm and we’re hurrying to bring you the latest news.

The video follows suite in typical Apple style with the white background and nice tune to go behind the voices of featured Greg Joswiak (VP of iPod, iPhone and iOS Product Marketing) and Scott Forstall (Senior VP of iOS Software). They’re the ones talking us through the various key features of the new iOS release. Read more »

Adidas will release its miCoach app to PS Move and Kinect, teams up with THQ for it

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Adidas has teamed up with games developer THQ to create a miCoach app for motion-gaming platforms PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 for a true virtual workout with some of best professional sports stars in the world.

The app will display the star you’ve chosen (NBA superstar Dwight Howard, footballer Kaka and others) alongside you, working out and pointing the way for your own workout. This will be done virtually with your movement tracked thanks to the Kinect and PS Move controllers, and displayed on the screen. Read more »

New Angry Birds episode coming soon to AppStores all around [VIDEO]

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Angry Birds fans rejoice as the original title will get a whole new and exciting episode very soon. Details are scarce and there’s no info on how many levels Rovio will release, but the game’s track record would suggest at least 30.

The new episode sees the pesky pigs go underground with the stolen birds’ eggs, where our angry heroes will take flight to destroy buildings and bring down stalactites on the green devils heads. It all sounds cool and definitely fresh, just like Rovio has always done it with its popular title. Read more »

HTC Flyer and ChaCha receive first OTA firmware updates in the UK

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The HTC Flyer tablet and ChaCha Facebook-loving phone have started receiving their first updates in the UK. That was quite quick, considering both have been on sale there for under a month.

Both updates are available Over-The-Air and offer some under the hood improvements to both. Read more »

Sony’s S2 Android Honeycomb tablet shows its dual-screen to FCC, comes with AT&T flavor

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As the last major Android phone manufacturer to jump on the tablet wagon, Sony has some pretty high expectations to meet. Roughly a month ago, when the electronics giant unveiled its first duo of Android Honeycomb tablets, all its fans rejoiced. The Sony S1 and S2 appear to have all it takes to play a major role on the tablet market later this year. And now that the S2 has visited the FCC, we might even have a launch date nearing.

Sony S2 has an interesting dual screen design. Read more »

Samsung to launch a metallic Galaxy Tab 10.1 for those seeking more style, goes on sale 17 June

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First it was the ordinary version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with the white back cover. Then at Google’s I/O 2011 conference, Samsung gave away almost 5000 Galaxy Tab 10.1 Special Edition to the attendees, which had a specially illustrated back cover with Android robots.

In both cases too white for your taste? Lacking the business feel and class you seek? Samsung will be offering a Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a stylish metallic back cover suitable for, well, anyone not liking the white one. Read more »

Toshiba’s newly announced 10.1 Android tab is hitting the US, but is it going to ‘Thrive’? [UPDATED]

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We caught wind of a pretty beefy looking tablet coming up over the horizon from Toshiba at CES 2011 and it reared its head again a couple of weeks back. Twitter even gave us a name courtesy of some chatty actors starring in what was expected to be its TV ad debut, the ‘Thrive’ and now said mysterious tab is officially here, almost.

Toshiba Thrive USB and HDMI ports

The Thrive is now the confirmed name for Toshiba’s big tablet and pre-sales kick off as soon as next week! Read more »