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Sony’s Android tablets, S1 and S2, could be available in Europe starting September

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When Sony announced their S1 and S2 Android tablets, they left a few things out – like a launch date for example. Now there’s chatter that the tablets (or at least one of them) will be arriving in Europe in September.

An alleged note from Sony says that a tablet (which the note doesn’t explicitly name) will be available through three retailers in September, after a pre-order period in August. Read more »

High resolution images found within iOS 5 SDK, hints at an iPad with Retina display

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Here we go again. Someone has discovered some high resolution images within the Twitter framework portion of the iOS 5 SDK and not just any high resolution images but those with 2048 x 1536 resolution, four times the current resolution of the current iPad.

Now we have gone though this before the iPad 2 was released. Unfortunately, the iPad 2 was launched with the same resolution display as the first iPad. But now it’s starting to seem that the next iPad will have a higher resolution display. Read more »

Here’s an iPad prototype with a functional 3D display, complete with the glasses

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One of the vendors, CPT, was displaying an iPad with a 3D display at the Display Taiwan show. Although they did their best to cover up the logos on the back there was no mistaking what was the first generation iPad. The standard display on the said iPad was replaced with a 3D panel which has to be seen through polarized glasses for its magic to work.

Do note that this is not the official Apple branded Magic™ and definitely not the next generation iPad, no matter what the video says. It’s not even the iPad 2 for that matter, just the first iPad running a 3D display. This was just done to get some eyeballs at the event and there is very little chance that Apple would consider a 3D display for their next iPad. Or even if they do, you can be damn sure it won’t require glasses. Check out the video of this prototype in action after the break. Read more »

AMD introduces A-series APUs, promises to challenge the whole Sandy Bridge lineup

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After upsetting the Atom domination with ultra-portables and netbooks with its E-series, APUs AMD has set its sight on the more powerful portable computers. The company has just unveiled its new A-series of CPU-plus-GPU chips.

The A-series includes a couple of dual-core processors and five quad-core offerings. The two lowest sitting members are the 1.9 GHz A4-3300M and the 2.1 GHz A4-3310MX, which both support dynamic turbo boosting of up to 2.5Ghz and have 2MB of L2 cache. The Radeon HD 6480G with a clock speed of 444 MHz is the GPU of choice for both A4 chips. Read more »

Toshiba Thrive available for pre-order, will go on sale mid-July

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Toshiba has finally started selling the Android-based Thrive tablet that they have been showing us for quite some time now, or at least started taking pre-orders. The Thrive will be sold in three models, 8GB for $429.99, 16GB for $479.99 and 32GB for $579.99.

The Toshiba Thrive has a 10-inch display with 1280 x 800 resolution. It runs on NVIDIA Tegra 2 and Android 3.1 Honeycomb. Read more »

HP puts official price tag on TouchPad accessories, videos of TouchPad in action on YouTube

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After announcing that the TouchPad will go on sale on the 1st of July, HP has now also revealed the official pricing for its accessories. The Touchstone charging dock will be priced at $80, the wireless keyboard will be $70, the case will be for $50 and the standard charger will cost you $30.

Along with the pricing, HP has also released a slew of YouTube videos showing the new TouchPad in action, doing stuff like multitasking, web browsing, gaming, typing, etc., you know, the stuff that you’d normally do on a tablet along with stuff that is exclusive to the TouchPad, such as the Touchstone technology and wireless charging. Must say though there is a heavy Apple vibe to all the videos. Even the music sounds similar, with the word “magic” being thrown around a few times. But don’t just take my word for it, check them out for yourself below. Read more »

Next generation MacBook Air to go into production this month, will be armed with Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt

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The current generation MacBook Air were quite successful when they were launched last year, thanks to their new design and lower price, as well as a smaller 11-inch model. But it seems Apple is now ready to take them to the next level.

According to Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Quo who talked with AppleInsider, Apple has placed an order for the production of 380,000 Sandy Bridge-based MacBook Airs this month. Out of these, roughly 55% will be the more popular 11-inch models while the rest will be the 13-inch models. Read more »

Certain Verizon iPad 2 being recalled, duplicate MEIDs are the culprit

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Few days back there were reports of certain iPad 2 that were shipped to users being recalled by Apple before they reached their owners. At that time Apple did not give any reason for this behaviour but now it seems we have the answer.

The reason for the recall is due to duplicate MEIDs on certain iPad 2 and this is restricted to the Verizon iPads. A MEID or Mobile Equipment Identifier is a unique number of every CDMA device. If more than one device is using the same number, then the device would fail to work with the network, which is also what happened to some of those who did receive their iPad 2. Read more »

The BlackBerry Playbook hitting a dozen international markets this month

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The 7-inch BlackBerry Playbook may be old news by now in the United States, but for the rest of the world it’s still an unexplored device for most tech enthusiasts.

BlackBerry Playbook

If you don’t live in the States and don’t have the patience to wait for the 10-inch version of the Playbook, then you should take a look if your country is amongst the new 16 to get the Playbook. Read more »

HP TouchPad to go officially on sale from July 1 in the US, priced at $500 and $600 for the 16GB and 32GB version respectively

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Amazon may not be selling the TouchPad till July 17, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get it before then. HP has released the official launch dates for the first WebOS tablet. The TouchPad will be launched first in the US on July 1 and will be priced at $499.99 and $599.99 for the 16GB and 32GB models respectively.

Those in UK, Ireland, France and Germany will be getting the TouchPad a few days later while Canada will get it by mid-July. As for other countries, HP will be launching it in Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore and Spain later this year. Read more »

ZTE announces affordable Light Plus Android tablet, Snow Leopard wallpaper not part of standard equipment [VIDEO]

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After the Light and Light Pro, ZTE has another affordable Android tablet for the masses. This one is similar to the two before it but has improved hardware. It now runs on a Snapdragon MSM8225 chip with 1GHz CPU and Adreno 205 GPU, same as most Android phones these days, 1GB ROM, 512MB RAM, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, 3.2 megapixel camera and microSD card support.

It still uses the same 7-inch, 800 x 480 resolution display (which roughly gives it the same pixel density as the iPad) and Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread instead of the tablet-optimized Honeycomb. Read more »

Real Racing 2 HD to support wireless FullHD gaming over AirPlay, makes us want to have the Wii U even less

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I must admit, I wasn’t impressed by the Nintendo Wii U when it was announced a couple of days back at the E3 2011. And the way Nintendo’s shares are going down, neither is anyone else. And now Firemint, the company that created the popular iOS game Real Racing 2 HD will be bringing wireless FullHD gaming over AirPlay to your TV screen, a feature that will kick devices like the Wii U squarely in the nuts.

Now currently, Real Racing 2 HD is able to stream 1080p output from an iPad 2 to a TV screen through the HDMI connection but with iOS 5 developers will be able to stream the same output wirelessly to an Apple TV using the new AirPlay Mirroring function in iOS 5. Read more »

Amazon leaks HP TouchPad launch date, does it accidentally on purpose

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HP is yet to give any official launch date for their upcoming TouchPad tablet but it seems Amazon couldn’t hold it in any longer and had to tell someone. So what we have here might just be a goof-up or an attempt to keep user interest up in the device.

Discovered by an Engadget reader, if you are curious as to when the TouchPad will be launched, all you have to do is type “hp touchpad” in the search field on Amazon and then you get this little ad that bares it all. Read more »

A 7″ tablet prototype with sliding keyboard from DELL leaks out, looks gorgeous

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As a company, DELL is not particularly well known for the design of its products. Aside the Adamo series of laptops, most of the tech giant’s creations are utilitarian by design. The leak of a 7″ tablet prototype however, is about to make me completely change my mind about the design philosophy of the Texas based company – with its sliding-out, split QWERTY keyboard, it is simply gorgeous.

There is no information on the OS which the tablet will be running Read more »

Here’s where Apple get their new ideas for the iOS 5 new features

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The talk of the day is still Apple’s keynote and the unveiling of iOS 5. It brought along many changes, most of which good ones but this geek can’t help but wonder – weren’t those things already available?

Much like some old iPhone ads by Apple itself, when somebody asked me how can I enable SMS delivery reports (you know as a joke that the iPhone can’t) I’d say – “There’s an app for that”. I used to say this about many things – like the missing DivX and XviD support too. And there is an app for most things we’d want to do with our iPhones. If there isn’t one in the official iTunes store, there’s probably one over at jailbroken heaven-vile Cydia. Read more »