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Amazon leaks HP TouchPad launch date, does it accidentally on purpose

HP is yet to give any official launch date for their upcoming TouchPad tablet but it seems Amazon couldn’t hold it in any longer and had to tell someone. So what we have here might just be a goof-up or an attempt to keep user interest up in the device.

Discovered by an Engadget reader, if you are curious as to when the TouchPad will be launched, all you have to do is type “hp touchpad” in the search field on Amazon and then you get this little ad that bares it all. It seems July 17 is the date when you will officially be able to get your hands on the first WebOS tablet, which is still well over a month from now.

I hope HP has good reasons for this late launch. Honeycomb tablets aren’t doing particularly well and HP has a chance to get in take the number two slot in the tablet race if they can just hurry up a bit. Meanwhile, those iPad 2 are practically walking out of stores on their own by now.



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