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Launch trailer of Mass Effect 2, one week left to the most epic sci-fi journey

Today BioWare released the last and final trailer of Mass Effect 2, the long awaited sequel to one of the best sci-fi adventures ever. The game promises to reach epic proportions with enormous gameplay world, non-linear story where player’s decisions affects the direction they take all the time and one hell of a plot.

Collectors and Keepers, Shepard is coming!

If you have played and completed the first Mass Effect game, you will be able to import your character into the sequel and continue your galactic journey from where you left it. But be aware that all of your critical decisions from the first game will affect directly the world and the story in Mass Effect 2. Even your romantic relationship will be important.

Don’t worry, if you want to start over, you can create a new character from scratch and in the beginning of the game the important aspects will be decided via some dialogs with other game characters.

In the second game the story focuses on the Collectors – mysterious invaders, who make whole human colonies disappear. Commander Shepard will need to gather the deadliest team in the galaxy, earn their trust and respect, and go on a suicide mission against the Collectors. It will be really important that your team trusts you, otherwise your character may die right before the very end of the game.

After tens of videos released by BioWare to maximize the hype, this launch trailer will be the last one. Mass Effect 2 comes in 26 January in USA and 29 January in Europe for PC and Xbox 360.


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