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Google Voice Search on your desktop

Google Voice technology is well known to the seasoned Android user (and iOS user, if you have the app), usually one of the stock widgets mounted on your home screens out-the-box, it ties in to some sophisticated software that allows for some pretty advanced search terms and not just ‘things’, it can auto-start your handsets navigation and have a desired location already set for you too!

google voice search desktop GSM Arena

This great technology once confined to the minds of sci-fi fanatics everywhere is currently in a trial phase by Google, accessible from It’s not actually open to everyone and I’m not sure of the criteria here but it is live and people can use it if they have the proper access. The image shows just how it might look in the future, if it’s to become an official update to the search giant’s famous home page, unobtrusive and functional.

The technology is now also able to understand Chinese and can learn speech patterns too so surely its just a matter of time until we get Google Thought which will auto input search terms by reading your mind… Or maybe not, all the same, Google Voice search is out there now and might become available to everyone in the near future. What remains to be said is would you really want to speak to your computer rather than type into it? Google thinks there’s a chance.



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