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Lady Gaga uses Google Chrome, makes us question our choice of browser

WARNING: The following video contains Lady Gaga. Now that we got that out of the way, here’s what it’s all about.

The video is made by Google for its Chrome browser and shows Lady Gaga communicating with her fans, whom she refers to as “little monsters”. In this video you’ll see them dancing away to Gaga’s new single ‘The Edge of Glory’. Google says the video is a “demonstration of the power of the web in its own right” but we think it may also have something to do with Gaga’s new album “Born This Way’ that is releasing today.

There is not much else to say here other than hit play and check it out for yourself. Meanwhile I’ll go and find another browser to use.

Update: We see that some of you have taken personal insult from what we thought was a lighthearted joke. We really don’t have anything against homosexuals, Lady Gaga or her fans and we don’t really plan on switching browsers due to this ad. You can be sure that we never intended to insult anyone with this post and if anyone did feel offended by it please accept our sincere apologies.



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