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Apple refreshes the iMac line-up with Intel Sandy Bridge chips and new mobile GPUs

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Apple has just updated their Apple Store with the refreshed line-up of iMacs to feature the new Intel Sandy Bridge quad-core processors. The update comes 10 months after the first-gen Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 family of processors were introduced to Apple’s all-in-one desktop computer.

On the outside its business as usual. The 2011 iMac comes in 21.5-inch and 27-inch flavors with the same IPS-LCD screens as its predessor. But there’s more than meets the eye here. With the Intel Sandy Bridge processors come new AMD graphics cards, ThunderBolt I/O port and a Facetime camera. Read more »

Bing Maps Global Ortho Project aims to kick Google Maps ass

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You may not have heard of the Bing Maps Ortho Project but it’s goal is to up the ante on the digital maps scene by delivering high-resolution ground images of continental USA and Western Europe. Imagine the currently available Satellite views and imagine you could use those to zoom in even further down… Way in, actually, as the imagery is all shot from a small plane, not a satellite…

For this project Microsoft has equipped planes with specially designed 220 MP cameras and 13 PCs each. The planes were sent off to 5.8 km high in the sky to cover about 18 million square km. Do I hear those numbers crunching in your head? Yeah, the project is that optimistic and capturing those image data and importing it to Bing Maps it will cost Microsoft just about $130 million bucks. Whoa! Read more »

Adobe releases Touch SDK for Photoshop – turns iPad into your Photoshop must-have accessory

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Adobe is releasing a touch SDK for developers and three apps for the iPad, which aim at turning the tablet into a capable Photoshop companion – something along the way of Wacom’s pen tablets. With the new apps you can finger-paint, color-mix, tool-shift and export to the full-featured PC version.

The touch SDK aims at giving developers the tools to create Photoshop apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. This way basically every tablet-maker (save for HP, for now) will be able to take advantage and use its tablets for professional Photoshop work. Read more »

New Skype 5.3 for Windows brings improved video-calling from your PC to mobile devices

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Skype version 5.3 (for PC) is out and you can download it right away. It brings some bug fixes and a minor UI facelift, but most importantly improved video-calling to mobile devices, such as iOS and Android, among others.

Skype developers have shifted the weight of video-calling from the mobile devices to the PC, and as it does the heavier lifting, your mobile phone can send better quality video. This should create an overall smoother experience of PC-to-mobile video calls. Read more »

How do you spot fake Chinese USB hard drives? Well, you take them apart

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The story I am about to retell you starts in China. Some guy finds a really cheap portable 500GB USB hard drive in a store there. He buys one after he has it tested in the shop.

Then he goes home (in Russia) and starts filling it with data. But the drive doesn’t seem to work properly. You upload a movie on it, and you can only play just a few minutes from it. Why?

Here is what the guys at the near repair shop found out. Read more »

The Google +1 button puts the Like in your search

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Google is introducing the +1 button, which will be a like button, available directly on every one of your search results. The service will soon be available for testing and after that to everyone with a Google account.

The idea behind this is to vote +1 for Google search results or websites that you like. Essentially, this way you would be giving feedback to everyone else who’s interested in the same topic. You’d also be on the receiving of this new feature as the community opinion should help you find relevant information sources as well. Read more »

Duke Nukem Forever delayed…again…but it’s just for a month, if you believe them

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Duke Nukem Forever is delayed again, guys. Not a big surprise there, right? Fortunately, it’s going to launch just a month later than the previously announced date in May – 10 June 2011. Gearbox prepared a funny video to give you the news and apologize for them.

The legendary game has been in development since 1997 and a month’s delay is nothing compared to those 14 years of waiting.

Read more »

NVIDIA launches GTX590 dual GPU, matches the AMD Radeon HD 6990 prowess

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NVIDIA seems to have developed a taste for dual GPUs recently. Today the company launched its latest GTX590, which is basically a couple of GTX580 units soldered together.

And even though some power/heat limitations forced NVIDIA to lower the clocks of 1024 CUDA cores inside the GTX590, compared to the GTX580 this is one beast of a GPU. Early reviews put it within 1% of the AMD Radeon HD 6990, a.k.a. the fastest single card on Earth. And the new NVIDIA baby is way quieter, too. Read more »

YouTube editor gets stabilization and 3D Video Creator features

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The YouTube in-browser video editor just got updated. And this isn’t your everyday minor tweaking, mind you, this is a pretty major improvement. The editor can stabilize your shaky video and even make it 3D worthy.

The stabilization feature is using the Green Parrot Pictures technology and know-how, which Google recently acquired by buying the company. It removes all the shaky camera movement and replaces it with specially selected trajectories. It makes it look as if you were using a tripod for filming the video rather than your hands. Read more »

Google Chrome 11 goes beta, you can get it now

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Google has just announced the availability of the beta version of their latest Chrome browser. The new version number is 11.0.696.16 and introduces several new features to Chrome to users of all major platforms (PC, Mac and Linux).

The most notable improvements the new Chrome brings include a voice search, powered by HTML5, GPU-accelerated 3D CSS and a new icon. Read more »

The Apple iPad 2 display in detail: higher brightness and wider viewing angles, but lower contrast than its predecessor

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Our iPad 2 marathon continues with the overview of the slate display specifics. It turns out that the key hardware part of the device is actually sourced from at least four different vendors as different tablets tend to have slightly different LCD units.

The differences aren’t big enough to justify looking for a display from a specific vendor, but might explain why your iPad 2 screen looks slightly different than your friend’s. Read more »

EVGA GTX 460 2WIN – the first dual-core Fermi NVIDIA card

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It was just three days ago when AMD launched the new graphic king and now its NVIDIA’s turn to show something new. The EVGA’s GTX 460 2WIN is made of two GTX 460 GPUs (700MHz) resulting in 672 CUDA cores, 2GB DDR5 (3600MHz), 3xDVI and 1xMini-HDMI ports.

As you can see it’s not the monster geared to fight with the titans, but it’s more of a budget card offering better performance for less money.

Read more »

AMD unleashes the new graphic beast – meet Radeon HD6990

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The king is dead. Long live the king! This is the exact words to describe the latest AMD creation – the dual-headed beast Radeon HD6990.

The HD6990 is the new “world’s fastest” card. It’s basically two HD6970 soldered into a single board. Unfortunately the price is also two times higher – $700.

Read more »

Adobe Flash player 10.3 beta now available for download

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The new Adobe Flash player 10.3 is now official for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s still in beta form but nonetheless you can go and check it out pronto, should you be interested.

It brings along some enhanced privacy protection features including integration with browser privacy control for local storage, Native Control Panel and Auto-Update Notification for Mac OS, the latter being long overdue.

Read more »

Thunderbolt – the new high-speed connection technology that will rule them all.. eventually

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If you thought USB 3.0 was the future of connecting high-speed peripherals to your computer, then think again. Intel’s Thunderbolt I/O technology, formerly known as Light Peak, is now the new kid on the block and it is here to stay.

With the introduction of the newly announced MacBook Pro line-up yesterday, comes the first real-world implementation of the Intel Thunderbolt Technology. Basically, Thunderbolt is a faster and simpler way of plugging different devices to your system. Read more »