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The Google +1 button puts the Like in your search

Google is introducing the +1 button, which will be a like button, available directly on every one of your search results. The service will soon be available for testing and after that to everyone with a Google account.

The idea behind this is to vote +1 for Google search results or websites that you like. Essentially, this way you would be giving feedback to everyone else who’s interested in the same topic. You’d also be on the receiving of this new feature as the community opinion should help you find relevant information sources as well.

By pressing +1 you are actively promoting a search result or a website. It’s not really a social thing as it doesn’t share your preference – not before someone else searches for the same thing. And if you know that someone (and it’s from your Google Social Circle and Content), your +1 vote would be rated even higher in their search results.

Essentially, it seems like a way to rate positively stuff you like so hopefully the spam and inferior websites would eventually be pushed down.

The new service will soon be rolling out on the Google experimental search site and everyone, who’s interested, can go try it out, when it becomes available. After that Google will be including the +1 button in real search results and very soon after that, it should be embeddable on websites.

Check out the promo video, Google’s made on the new +1 button.



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